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KSHMR ft BassKillers & B3nte Unleash a Track of Horrors with "The Spook"

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Janessa Demeule

Despite the song assuring to not be scared, it's kind of hard to not be terrified by the production that is KSHMR's "The Spook." It features BassKillers & B3nte and with a team-up that massive you can only expect the most ominous of sounds. Honestly this is one of the most amusing tracks to come out in the last month.  It's a fun, albeit "spooky" track, utilizing some nice vocal samples mixed with some really playful melodies, and some down right dirty bass, it's a carnival ride from start to finish. "The Spook" possess you to do it's bidding. What you thought was an innocent dub-dream, is really a devil's dance. The pulsing bass and crisp highs will have you undulating like your Regan McNeil going through an exorcism. Well, Gang. If you're curious, grab your Scooby Snax and take a listen below. The creepiest part of all of this? This track is free to download. Check your closet, under your bed, and try to relax. When the bass drops, just don't look up. Sweet Dreams, kiddies.