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KSHMR & DallasK's "Burn" Re-Released on Spinnin?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Officially released only a couple weeks ago on Revealed Recordings, "Burn" by KSHMR and DallasK is now being released on Spinnin'? After the big spring-time monster "Megalodon", KSHMR has teamed up with KSHMR-DallasK-Burn-September-17-Revealed-RecordingsFirebeatz and Luciana for "No Heroes" which is still electrifying mixes months after official release. "Burn" definitely follows it's massive ancestors with DallasK's special style of big room house. Due to either shared interest, finanical or political reasons, tracks get regurgitated on different labels. "Burn" is a monster track, don't get me wrong but it makes you wonder. Why did they re-release it with seemingly no credit given to Revealed? take animated GIF Putting aside the fact that an artist can choose to have their work published on multiple labels just from plain personal interest. The way any industry (even the music industry) works is some organizations have farther reach than others. Although Revealed is a big indie label, I'm sure Spinnin' is quite a bit bigger considering they have about 40 sub labels. This would make publishing on Spinnin' after releasing on Revealed a justifiable option, but why no mention? I would think Revealed deserves at least some level of credit to prevent ignorant fans from thinking Spinnin' was first.

Buy "Burn" from either label, it's the same track. 

And it's not even the first time we've seen this kind of thing happen....