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Koyote - America's Next Bounce Legend!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

After Deorro, Cody Cornish (a.k.a. Koyote) is the next American hero when it comes to the bounce! I had a chance to ask the koyote-promoman some questions about himself and the Melbourne bounce sub-genre.

"I think Melbourne will evolve until it is something else entirely and then maybe find its way back eventually...If people like Deorro keep changing the game I think its here to stay."

Check out this bombshell collab with Deformaty that hit #96 on Beatport and is still every bit as killer after almost a year!

Having two major collaborations under their belts, obviously the next question would be if there was a joint project in the future for Koyote and Deformaty.

"Funny you say that. YES! We are both signed to the same management/Booking Agency (OneShot Entertainment)...Look out for the production name "Bonkerz""

Adding that before this happens, loose ends such as Deformaty's relocation to LA and a third release together to "to wrap up our trilogy with Brooklyn Fire Records." A master of mash, Koyote's made countless edits most notably "When Will The Bass Drop" which has been supported in live sets by artists the likes of TJR, Deorro and Tommie Sunshine!koyote-edit

Q: Who are your main influences in the studio and behind the decks?

A: "As mentioned before, Deorro is doing it bigger than anyone else. I'm not sure if he inspires or make[s] people want to just give up haha. Behind the deck[s] I'd have to go with Dieselboy, TJR and Laidback Luke. They take a lot of risk's while performing and 9 out of 10 times it comes out sounding great."

Koyote shows off some of these risks in the second half of this mix: Listen to how spot on the transitions are, feel the energy flow through you! Taking the necessary risks, Cody is sure to make the leap to playing major festivals soon! For those who didn't know, Koyote started Sweet Shop Records with Candyland. Their current roster sits at Candyland, Kayzo, koyote-liveRevoke and 28 mansions.

Q: How did you get together with Candyland to start Sweet Shop Records? Any upcoming additions to the roster?

A: "I somewhat discovered Candyland...I remember my buddy Taylor Lane showed Ethan (from Candyland) a Porter Robinson tune, 2 hours later he created the tune "Piano Is Neat" which was their first release that I got signed to Big Fish Recordings (Lazy Rich's Label). It was easy for them after that. They have a lot of talent."

Due to a stressful workload, Cody quit managing the label passing it onto someone "with more experience."

"As for the label, I am not very involved in that anymore...Last I heard they wanted to keep their pool of artists somewhat small and focus on the roster they have now."

Going into 2015, Koyote assures us that he has "a lot of stuff in the works" fusion-auto-rave-eventbut that doesn't mean he's done with this year. If you missed his performance at the Flower Power festival in San Diego, catch him headlining the Fusion Auto/Rave Event in San Antonio on the 28th!

"Solo tours, direct support tours...Just hoping everything pans out proper."

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