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Kayzo presents: "Tekken" - A Hardstyle/Trap Fusion!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hailing in from mighty Los Angeles, Hayden Capuozzo or Kayzo brings us a massive rave-fest he calls "Tekken". I hope this track hits you like it hit me! I have no doubt this will tear up the floor as the perfect transition between House and Hardstyle bpm. Kayzo DJ **WARNING** I am a Hardstyle NOOB. Not all bloggers are experts in everything so just roll with it. On a side note- I am curious whether or not he named the track after the popular fighting game from Namco, beginning with the original Tekken in 1994. In a similar venture, Kayzo also gave us his take on Showtek's "We Like To Party" which is another BANGING track which moves seamlessly between two very opposite yet attractive forces. I personally like this one more because of the haunting kind of  "Goin' In" synth patch he uses...or maybe it's the hats. Either way, here's another choon.  In an article about him, I found out "...Kayzo was the winner of the Escape From Wonderland Discovery Project and he got the chance to perform alongside acts like Armin Van Buuren..." The article went on to include some of his experiences: Kayzo Icon 1 Kayzo Icon 2 Now who wouldn't want that experience? Anyone? Upon seeing his manager's contact info, I fired an email to get more bio details, yes- for you. Here was his amazingly fast response: "An eccentric producer, Kayzo (Hayden C) has been producing out of Los Angeles for a little under 2 years.  Before that his history started back in Texas, where he learned the basics of music theory, and the science of producing hip hop.  From hip hop he moved on to trap, but found his real talent in combining electronic sub genres such as electro-house, and drum n bass." He even went on to say "Currently, Kayzo is signed to Sweet Shop Records, with support from Candyland, and other well known performers."  This makes Kayzo a winner in my book so look out for this guy! Kayzo Big 2