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Kaizer Says Hail Caesar! Hail Freebies!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

British native Kai Lear, aka Kaizer has released "Caesar"Kaizer Facebook, a free triplet-fueled electro-house weapon! Very good about releasing free music, Kaizer has made a name for himself with his special brand of electro-house. Combining historical themes with almost middle-eastern sounding instruments over a stampede of bass and kick. When it comes to bass, Kaizer knows how to get it. Check out his fresh new original mix, "Caesar"! Kaizer PromoBringing what sounds like a lute or guitar plucking away, a Kaizer track is almost unmistakable. Except it's not a lute, it's Kai himself playing the electric guitar! Playing around with a different structure too, the second drop also features a thick bounce porto synth tugging away at a killer melody. Then you put the icing on the cake, which is the fat bass (and triplets). All in all a great track and free is always good! Sampling yourself playing a live instrument is simply being true to the art. Re-arranging pre-made samples is certainly one way of going about production, but to play music with your own fingers is one step closer to "real". Appearing with trap legend Graham Gawthorpe, aka GAWTBASS on several occasions and even collaborating on the siiick trap banger "MoB"MobCoverpic with Xavi3r3, Kaizer is a pretty versatile guy. As a producer he's got something unique to bring to the table. In this world of everyone copying everyone it's nice to see the seeds of originality begin to take root. Some bounce elements, some electro and trap - seems like a winning combination to me.

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