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Jake Crocker 'Turns Up The Love'

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Erik Skoog

Jake Crocker was exposed to a big part of the music scene early on, producing instrumentals for Seattle-based Raz Simone at just the age of seventeen. As a big follower of the local hip-hop scene in his home town, the two linked up through social media and instantly clicked. Soon after, Jake would accompany the Raz on a 52-city tour, performing piano live on stage. His heart, self-awareness, and dedication continued to connect him with with other artists, in particular Ronnie Hamilton, who he would later go on to co-found his company Fortitude with. 2017 has already been massive for Jake. In addition to bringing his captivating stage presence to multiple Seattle festivals including Upstream, Summer Meltdown, and Bumbershoot, he is currently working on his own original productions, blending the more electronically-focused future bass into his emotional hip-hop beats. Today though, we take a listen to his latest remix of AlunaGeorge's "Turn Up The Love," and get to know what is sure to be one of newest big things to hit the music scene.
Only The Beat: Where are you originally from and how did you end up in Seattle? Jake Crocker: I'm a Seattle kid through and through. Born and raised on Capitol Hill, a third generation 'Hiller.' OTB: What is the first concert/festival you attended? JC: Man…the first concert I ever went to was Snow Patrol. Well, I guess mom went to a Grateful Dead concert when I was in the womb, so technically that was my first concert. I'm from Seattle though, so Bumbershoot was the first festival I ever went to. Back in the day Bumbershoot was the jam. OTB: What was the song that originally got you into music? JC: That's tough, but I'd have to say that Miles Davis – "Kind Of Blue" was one of the most influential songs at the beginning of my career. OTB: Who are your top five artists? JC: In no particular order… 1. Miles Davis 2. Flume 3. Kid Cudi 4. Kanye West (I'll gladly back this one up if needed) 5. All the amazingly dope artists I've gotten the chance to work with. OTB: Tell us about your new remix for AlunaGeorge! JC: Honestly man, I was blown away when I got the opportunity to remix her single "Turn Up The Love." An executive heard my track "Faded" through the grapevine and gave me a shot. Unbelievable. Shoutout to everyone at Interscope! Lovely people ?
OTB: What is something you've gotten into and gotten excited about lately? JC: How long can I type?? There's just so much that I've been excited about recently that it's hard to pinpoint one thing. I'm stoked to start releasing my own solo work - I've been producing for artists since I started high school and recently decided it was time to focus on my own solo career. Also, I can't explain how excited I am about the growth of Fortitude - a company I co-founded alongside Seattle artist Ronnie Hamilton, who also happens to be my best friend. Also - I can't forget my man Saint Claire - such a dope artist in this city who I'm proud to be working with. 2018 is going to be exciting as a whole. bumbershoot-saint-claire-x-jake-crocker-32 Jake also gets excited about drumming. OTB: What is your pre- and post-show ritual? JC: I'm just weird about food honestly. I don't like eating at all before shows, but the second I'm off stage its straight to grubbin'. Post-show I love meeting the fans. I usually just pack up all my gear and head out to the crowd for a while. I love hearing feedback. OTB: What are you listening to right now? JC: I'm so weird with music. I try to listen to new music every time I sit in my car, but recently every time I sit down to drive I've been finding myself shuffling the What So Not station on SoundCloud. That guy has some serious cuts. OTB: What does the music world need right now? JC: A breath of fresh air. OTB: If you could collab with one person dead or alive, who would it be and why? JC: Hahaha, what a terribly hard question! Off the top of my head I'd have to Queen, simply because of the way they seemed to treat their music. The way they treated the process of creation was so impeccable I could only imagine sitting in the studio with those guys. OTB: What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given? JC: My Aunt Barbra taught me that the only thing to fear is fear itself.. and that's one of the main reasons I'm here doing what I do. OTB: What is your dream festival to attend/perform at? JC: Coachella has been a dream to both perform at and attend, same thing goes with Tomorrowland. And the obvious local favorite Paradiso! OTB: Let's talk about one of your other remixes, "Faded," for a second. What drew you to it in the first place and what inspired you to remix the track the way you did?

Tessa Rae - Faded (Jake Crocker Remix)

JC: Honestly, with 'Faded' I was just scrolling through SoundCloud and found Tessa. Her voice as dope and I wanted to connect to see if I could remix one of her songs. Pretty simple, pretty straight forward. My job as an artist and producer is to take music and really make it the best it can possibility, and when it comes to remixes, I really just have to sit back and say how can I make this already great song, even greater. OTB: The song blew up pretty quickly. What's your favorite/craziest response you got from it? JC: It's been nuts man. The response from people have been insane. When I look at the stats for the song it blows my mind. I mean there's countries on that list that I can barely pronounce, and they're bumping the song I made at my studio in Seattle…Crazy. But, the craziest response so far has to be from Adventure Club. I checked my phone and saw 'Adventure Club reposted your track' and I didn't believe it at first. But after checking the authenticity I couldn't be anything but absolutely hyped, they were some of my earliest inspirations and to see them really validate my work was breathtaking. OTB: Anything you can tell us about other collaborations, artists, or songs you're working now currently? JC: All I can say is I have one of the most talented circles around in my opinion, and I seriously can't wait to show you everything we've been working on. Saint Claire, AllA, and my whole Fortitude team to name a few. The man in his element. The man in his element. OTB: Finally, give us the rundown on Fortitude. What inspired it, what does it stand for, and how can we get involved? JC: Fortitude is a company that I co-founded with my best friend and collaborator Ronnie Hamilton. We started working together about six years ago. Music is what brought us together but we always knew we wanted to create something greater than ourselves. Fortitude, at its core, is a creative collective, with focused dialed in on music and film. We love creating and as a new company our vision is quickly defining itself. Everywhere we go and every new venture we take on we try and embody the definition of Fortitude, courage in pain or adversity. Just keep your eyes out...

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