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INTERVIEW: Butch & Hohberg Join Forces for Greatness

Monday, August 10, 2015

Butch & Hohberg have recently joined forces on a number of tracks, one of which is for the 5th series of the Diynamic 'Four to the Floor' project. With this in mind, we saw it as a good chance to see what their plans were for their project and also label for the future, and how 2015 has treated them so far.... OTB: Hey Butch, hi Hohberg, great to finally meet you. I’m a big fan. How is life in the world of Butch & Hohberg at the moment? Butch: Good man, thanks for asking! How are you? OTB: Music apart, what’s been keeping you on your toes recently? Hohberg: The thing that keeps us on our toes is the only thing that sometimes distracts us from making music (smiles). OTB: Tell us about the beginning of your career, what were the sounds/parties that got you started? Butch: The beginning for me was in the mid-late 90s, when I played mainly HipHop at local parties. I initially started as a turntablist, scratching and beat-juggling. Then I got more into party culture, like HipHop and then House and Techno and just got more into that. I played every party I could, from friends’ and strangers' living rooms to youth centers and clubs. Hohberg: I have loved all kinds of musical genres since my early childhood. I always saw making music more as my job than going to school as a kid. I don't know when it started, it has always just been there. OTB: What were you into before electronic music? What were your first musical memories? Anything amusing from your youth you’d like to disclose? Butch: I loved HipHop. Beat Street, Style Wars, Wildstyle, those movies introduced me to this culture. I'd sing myself to sleep every night as a kid anyway. Hohberg: I'm a classically trained percussionist and for me it was contemporary classical music as well as orchestra and ensemble projects that really moved me deeply. OTB: And what DJs, producers and labels influenced you to make music in the first place? Butch: There are so many but to name a few, those would have to be Emmanuel Topp and Aphex Twin. Hohberg: I find this a really tough question, there are so many from so many genres and artists, I couldn't possibly say. OTB: How do you rate the current house and techno landscape? Butch: It really has become badly commercialized and people snatch everything that is up for grabs. Hohberg: I think that is true and I also believe that at the same time there are more true artists out there than ever, because they finally can be heard and don't have to just dream about making their art. They just use a computer, some headphones and start working. I love that. OTB: Butch, what would you say is your greatest achievement from a musical perspective? Butch: Ah man, you can't ask me that, I love all my children no matter if the public has ignored them or loved them to death, they are all my babies and I'll love them forever! OTB: You’re an artist famed for his ability to blend genres seamlessly and delve into the different areas of underground music, whilst making it seem effortless. Why do you think this is so apparent? Butch: I never care about the genre descriptions and simply listen to my feeling, my impression of the music itself. So I treat underground HipHop the same as Techno or House or whatever. If I love it, I love it. Of course when mixing tunes, I make sure they really complement each other, so in a way I do care about the style, but only how it feels to me. So I have trained myself to notice what fits and what doesn't, but never from a pigeonholing perspective in genres, only into my subjective experience. That's how I can easily go from one genre to another without even noticing it, because I have absorbed all this music, so I now automatically make my own versions of the music I want to hear. OTB: You currently have a track ‘Losing Gravity’ out together on Diynamic. Can you tell us your thinking behind the track, and how did your relationship come to be with the guys at Diynamic? Hohberg: Bülent (Butch) and Solomun have been friends for ages now. Butch: Yeah, it was really just a matter of time until we did something together. Hohberg: Bülent suggested sending it over, when it was finished and to me it made perfect sense. I love the Diynamic guys and their work is always top notch, you can feel their love for the music. As an artist, that is how you want your music to be treated. They are artists themselves, so they understand that perspective. When they said they'd love to release the track I couldn't have been happier. OTB: And Otherside Music obviously is a label you two run alongside each other. How are things going on that front and what is the labels schedule? Any exciting artists we should be getting ready for to come to prominence in the coming months? Butch: There is more in the pipeline coming for sure. Hohberg: Otherside is a labor of love. We want the songs to really get their exposure and time. We don't want to overshadow the songs with our releases together. OTB: Top 3 festivals/shows you are looking forward to for the summer? Butch: ALL OF THEM!!! 'Losing Gravity' is part of 'Four to the Floor Series 05' out now on Diynamic Buy it here -