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Holy Shit Holy Ship!!! (2014 Official Video)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

Do me a favor and suspend your beliefs for a moment as we take a trip back through time. Remember the first time you went to summer camp? No, like really remember. Go to a place deep in your mind and really remember. Where did you go? Maybe it was a sleep away camp and you were going with as bunch of other friends from the neighborhood. Or maybe it was just a day camp that your parents put you in while they continued the day-to-day grind of the real-world; a world that doesn’t seem to oblige the idea of the “summer break.” What do you see? Massive old growth forest and trees rising above the cabins? What did you smell? Hot dogs and hamburgers grilling next to the camp fire. Hands covered in sticky-sweet soda pop. What emotions were you feeling? Scared, nervous, frightened,, hate. The relationships you built on those hot summer days were so real, and so raw, and they were going to last forever. It was your world, you’d never been so alive, it was real, and in that moment in time, anything was possible. Holy Ship is electronic dance music summer camp x1000.

HOLY SHIP!!! 2014 Official Video

For those who lived it, I hope this video brings back good memories. And for those who aspire to live it, here's what you missed out on...