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Heed the Siren's Call on ATTLAS's Debut EP

Monday, April 27, 2015
Janessa Demeule

deadmau5 is constantly curating some of the highest-quality artists on his mau5trap label. His ear for sound is what has been introducing fans to a plethora of new and diverse creators. The mysterious ATTLAS is no exception. ATTLAS was introduced to fans with their remix of deadmau5's "Aural Psynapse" on 5 Years of Mau5 and "Sabs" on We Are Friends Vol. 3. Little is known about the identity of ATTLAS, with their sudden explosion onto the scene, crisp production, and lack of history, it has fans theorizing that Joel (deadmau5) has a new side project. If anonymity allows for the music to speak, then regardless of who is spearheading ATTLAS, Siren has much to say.


"Kayla" kicks off the EP with a slow beat and wistful vocals. Extremely chill and vibe-y it is reminiscent of recent offerings from artists like Tycho and Porter Robinson. It is a slow journey that reaches across multiple styles and ties it all up in a pretty package. The only vocal heavy track on the album, "Kayla" really shows off ATTLAS' production chops and leaves the listener completely unprepared for the rest of the album -- in the best way possible.


"Carmen" is a pulsing tune that is a flawless progressive arrangement. Melodies carry a soft fullness as heavier synths thrum out a path through the track. Some fancy filter work allows for spaces to breath and let the overall track resonate in your head. If you close your eyes it feels as though your floating across a lake reflecting the stars. Crystal production on this track ATTLAS makes the most of every second and paints a lovely mental picture.


"Scarlett" is as red hot as the name suggests. With it's aggressive electro sound, "Scarlett" channels the Mau5 himself. However, ATTLAS keeps to their own particular voice. The transitions from one plane of sound the the next are executed immaculately. Everything seems to intertwine and drive upwards on a thermal of sound. This is something one could expect to hear in the next Tron movie.


There is nothing swift about this track. Taking elements from tropical house to create effervescent and airy vibes, "Taylor" is audio cotton candy. The track meanders, taking its time to get where it is going. Soft and electronic in nature, progressing at a dreams pace, ATTLAS emphasizes quieter sounds and an overall lighter production on this track, allowing it to stand out amongst the rest of the EP.


"April" is a dark and brooding track combined with a softer theme. ATTLAS throw a bit of dark trance into the mix on this one and it makes for an intimidating narrative. Playing out like an auditory drama, to contrasting sounds fight and merge into one of the most epic "drops" heard this year.  With a dream-like intro listeners are almost immediately thrust into a much darker matrix of sound. The track goes places you wouldn't expect it to an ATTLAS manages to not only make it work, but make us wonder why it never worked before. If there is one track on Siren you hear, make it "April".


"Luna" is the final siren on the EP. Sending listeners off with a quiet lullaby, ATTLAS demonstrates a mastery of their art. Soft and warm, 'Luna" is a warm embrace before bed lulling you to sleep. Even after all the intensity of the EP, Luna will leave you in a happy state of mind. Yearning for more of the dreams ATTLAS has so masterfully created.


If you don't believe how well crafted Siren actually is just check out the album finale "Overture". ATTLAS weaves an intricate tapestry of sound that manages to tell a story unique to each listener. With a little bit of extra ambiance and a lot of love, "Overture" leaves listeners to dwell on the narratives of each individual. Long after the last note plays, the feelings still linger.   [soundcloud url="" params="color=0093c9&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] While people will still contest the identity of ATTLAS, there is no debate over how fantastic the music is. The amount of variety and willingness to experiment and think outside the box puts Siren well ahead of many other releases.  There is no telling what, or when, we will hear from ATTLAS next, but it can most assuredly be something epic. With the power of music mastery at his disposal ATTLAS will be a force of change.