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Headed to Coachella? The DoLaB Stage Is The Spot To Be

If you've ever wondered who is behind those whimsical, colorful and futuristic structures at events like Lightening in A Bottle, Woogie Weekend, and Dirtybird Campout - the answer is The DoLaB. They contribute installations and usable shelter to many major festivals. And they'll be bringing their talents back to The DoLaB stage at Coachella this year.

For DoLaB, it's not just about visual artistry, but about how the art and music intersect. You'll find that the line-up at DoLaB associated events is as jaw-dropping as some of their works. You've got Dirtybird heavyweights, cerebral techno leaders Jan Blomqvist and Jonas Rathsman, Cali local talent like the Desert Hearts crew and the Focus OC crew, and one of the best performers of underground space hip-hop, Gaslamp Killer.

Coachella DoLab does it again with a stellar lineup for Coachella 2017

What is great about the DoLaB stage at Coachella is that it offers attendees who come for more mainstream artists the chance to stumble across the enchanting world of underground dance music and it's festivals. Even a passer-by who may initially be scared off by thumping bass couldn't helped to be drawn to the beautiful set-up, such as the "big fish" tent from a previous Coachella.

If you haven't been to an event associated with DoLaB, you are in for a treat. If you enjoy the artists and aesthetic of the stage at Coachella, we highly recommend checking out an official DoLaB event, like Lightening in a Bottle.


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