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Happy Trappy New Year 2015 Playlist

Welcome to 2015! Alex and I are welcoming 2015 in with loud bass and trust us, we aren't the only ones. I don't know what was in everyone's champagne this year, but artists have been on a rampage this month releasing some massive tunes. It seems every day 4-5 new tracks were worth noting in this playlist. I don't know how we did it, but Alex and I narrowed it down to a 24-track playlist, including some of the hardest hitting trap songs in the game.

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Happy Trappy New Year 2015 Playlist

After selecting our favorites from 2014 in December's playlist, we see 2015 start off with some familiar artists including Lookas, Party Thieves, Instant Party!, Hvtchet, Snails and Jack U. Don't worry though, this isn't a rinse and repeat list, it is filled with newcomers such as GoodTimeMiller, Clips x Ahoy, Kicks N Licks, Animal House and JPB. Press play, turn the volume up and get ready for some bass.  


Alex: Welcome to 2015! Instead of having a couple days to gather yourself for the new year, Jack U delivered a monster of a remix to start off the year that we will definitely be hearing all the way into festival season. Bump this at your next party. Madison: Jack U is ringing in the new year with a trap-a-fied remix and I bet they are making Beyoncé proud. It's almost February and I am still bumping this track. This is the perfect track to start off 2015. This Jack U track is killing the clubs right now and if you take a listen, you will know why.

2. Kaskade & John Dahlbäck - A Little More (LZRD Remix)

Alex: January certainly started off huge with LZRD giving us a perfect trap remix of Kaskade & John Dahlback’s “A Little More.” The feels are huge in this one… including an awesome breakbeat that I can’t get enough of. Madison: LZRD brought the feels with this remix. The feels I deal with when I listen to this track are UNREAL! The way the second drop comes in is actually magical and I cannot contain myself and the ‘bitch you” sample is perfection. LZRD is coming into 2015 strong as hell. I cannot wait to see what the year holds for them.


Alex: It was only a matter of time before remixes of Coco started to flood the market. Diplo obviously is loving the “bacon soda” as Major Lazer and Trapzilla combine to create a massive trap remix of the crowd favorite.   Madison: There have been so many remixes of Coco that we had to include one into this playlist. Major Lazer and Trapzilla absolutely kill this remix and almost every time I’m out at a club, I hear this remix so let’s just say that this is huge and will for sure be played at festivals.

4. Beyonce - 7/11 (Club Killers Trap Remix)

Alex: Obviously everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon of 7/11 remixes. Club Killers lays down an excellent beat beneath the lyrics that will make everybody go wild. If you didn’t care for Jack U’s remix, maybe this one will be your cup of tea.   Madison: If you aren't a huge fan of the Jack U remix of "7/11", then maybe you will like this one. Club Killers have always put out fire trap remixes, and this is a huge one. Just like Alex said, everyone had to jump on the bandwagon!

5. Alpharock - Pump This Party (GoodTimeMiller Remix)

Alex: Hey DJ, pump this party! Sorry always wanted to say that. GoodTimeMiller picked an excellent time to announce to the world that he is in charge of the party with this new remix. Big bass rules this track and can be played out at an party needing a pick-up. Madison: GoodTimeMiller is a producer I just found a couple of months ago and damn, his tracks are fire. If you want to get the party going, then I suggest you play this track out because I know that if I heard it I would be doing #traparms.

6. Slander - New Monarchy

Alex: After a groundbreaking 2014, Slander decided to make 2015 a “new monarchy” for them with this bass-filled original. This track has a different melody than what we are used to, but I welcome it with open arms. Madison: Slander is back at it again, starting off 2015 with a sound I think is pretty different. I may be in love with this song. Like Alex said, it’s not what we are used to but trust me, give it a listen.

7. Sound Remedy - We Are The Dream (Kicks N Licks Remix)

Alex: This is a perfect track to be called “Uplifting Trap.” Taking Sound Remedy’s original “We Are The Dream”, Kicks N Licks drops a perky trap beat which is perfect to enjoy on a sunny day. Don’t be scared to throw it into a trap playlist though, the drop is beastly. Madison: Two words that describe this track perfectly: melodic and uplifting. Luckily I have heard this track live and damn, the crowd was crazy. Kicks N Licks, I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for you two.

8. Instant Party! x ZEKE&ZOID - Hoodrat Anthem (Original Mix)

Alex: Instant Party! had quite a 2014. Hitting 40,000 fans on SoundCloud along with a separation has kept Instant Party! on the forefront of my mind. Even though SoundCloud has a vendetta against Kenny, he continues to drop massive tunes including this original with Zeke & Zoid. Who needs the underground when you have the “Hoodrat Anthem”? Madison: I feel like a total hoodrat when I listen to this track while driving around. It’s a perfect track made by some amazing producers: Instant Party! and Zeke & Zoid. I cannot wait to see what they are going to put out this year.

9. Yellow Claw X Quintino - Shotgun (Sharps Remix)

Alex: After splitting with Kenny in late 2014, Winson Sharps has started his own solo career and I have to say, I’m excited to hear what he has in store. His first remix is of “Shotgun” by Yellow Claw and Quintino and you can hear from the get-go, Sharps is for real. Madison: Sharps kicked off his new solo project with a killer trap remix, showing that he is ready to take on 2015. This is just the beginning for Sharps. I cannot wait to see what is next.

10. Party Thieves & ATLiens -  Chief

Alex: I don’t have any words for this song: just press play. This song is HUGE! The bass rumbles and the vocals will cause the entire crowd to get hyped up. Party Thieves is on a rampage this year. Who would hate this song? Madison: I agree 100% with Alex on this one: just press play. Party Thieves and ATLiens killed this original collab, and I am totally supporting it. Haters, back off.

11. Lookas - Samurai

Alex: Lookas has become one of those artists that I immediately click download on every song of his, regardless of if I’ve heard it. His tracks are that good. "Samurai" is no exception. Following "Loko" and his other tracks, “Samurai” is filled with super bass and a rockin’ melody that will cause any crowd to get hyped. 2015 is bound to be a big year for him. Madison: 2014 was a huge year for Lookas and I have a feeling 2015 is going to be even bigger. This melody is huge and I’m sure it’ll get any crowd dancing. I love the samples Lookas uses in this track. It’s going to be stuck in your head for a while, I guarantee that.

12. Sophia Grace - Best Friends (Y//2//K Remix)

Alex: If you don’t know the story of the original, check it out. This 11 year-old decided to one up everyone and drop an age-appropriate rap over this DJ Mustard-inspired beat. While the lyrics are pre-teen (literally), Y2K remixed the tune and gave it a bass boost. Headphones don’t do the bass justice. Madison: Y2K killed this remix. I bet when Sophia is older, she will be bumping this remix. I can just see it now...little Sophia being a trap princess and living the dream. Guys, just press play. It will not disappoint.

13. Instant Party! X Hype Turner - Olsen Twins

Alex: Kenny promises 2015 is going to be huge and honestly, I believe him. In the first month alone, he released a remix that has hit #2 on Beatport and 2 originals, including “Olsen Twins.” Instant Party! and Hype Turner go in on this track that has received just under 75,000 plays in 10 days. Being released on Dim Mak Records isn’t a bad thing either. Madison: Instant Party! in the playlist once again! Showing up a second time and bringing another huge track, but this time with Hype Turner. With this track being released on Dim Mak, that is huge. Congrats guys!

14. MaLuca - If We Ran For It (JPB Remix)

Alex: If you haven’t checked out the original, you need too. From the first second, I was entranced by it. Obviously I wasn’t the only one as MaLuca released an EP filled with remixes including this JPB remix. He calls it Chill Trap, I call it Melodic. The bass highlights the mids throughout the track. That piano melody though gives me chills everytime. Madison: Melodies for daaayyyyz. This JPB remix is amazing. MaLuca made a good track but JPB made a great remix and I am in love. I listen to this track when I’m about to fall asleep and it’s just amazing. Just lay down and listen to it for a while.

15. Blasterjaxx & DBSTF - Beautiful World (Animal House X Heavy Fire Trapstyle Remix)

Alex: What a beautiful world we live in. Heavy Fire and Animal House puts on their rage face as they turn this track into a massive trapstyle remix fit for the biggest of the stages. With soaring vocals and a little bit of hardstyle, this song will turn every crowd into an animal house. Madison: Animal House and Heavy Fire have brought us an amazing remix that just makes this an even more beautiful world… (see what I did there). They killed this track and made it their own by giving it that great trapstyle feel we all know and love.

16. Dillon Francis - We Make It Bounce (GoodTimeMiller Remix)

Alex: Dillon Francis sure does know how to make it bounce, but GoodTimeMiller knows how to make it boom. Big bass with minimal mids make this an excellent track to mob in the streets with. Have I stated how much I enjoy this verse? Madison: GoodTimeMiller is back at it again this time with the bae Dillon. If Dillon hasn’t heard this already, he should because I bet he would love it!

17. Riff Raff - How To Be Da Man (reProgrammed By: Program)

Alex: Who needs remixes when you can just reProgam it? Stepping away from trap into the rap game, Program took Riff Raff’s original “How To Be Da Man” and took the song over. Rumbling bass underneath his lyrics keep this song moving, and it's a great track to lay down when you need that bass. Madison: Program shows us “How To Be Da Man” with his remix of Riff Raff’s very popular rap track. Even though I’m not a man, I sure feel like I could be one after listening to this track a few times.

18. Diplo feat. Faustix, Imanos and Kai - Revolution (JUSTice Remix)

Alex: Not to take away from 2014, JUSTice took Diplo’s famous hit “Revolution” and gave it the 2015 flip with big bass and a clean drop. Just when you thought we had heard the last of the “Revolution”, it comes back with a vengeance. Madison: JUSTice just remixed one of Diplo's biggest tracks of 2014, and he really did it justice. Diplo should play this in a Diplo & Friends Mix because it deserves to be.

19. Hopium - Dreamers (Kicks N Licks Remix)

Alex: Kicks N Licks has been tearing 2015 apart with some massive remixes that will put him on the map. This one is no exception. The lyrics are amazing in their own right, and now we have an amazing trap beat to go with it. Kicks N Licks is making 2015 his year. Madison: Again we come across a Kicks N Licks remix and this one is amazing. 2015 is going to be Kicks N Licks year I can feel it. The trap beats in this track are amazing and can’t be missed.

20. Delora - Rockstah (Hvtchet & Animal House Trapstyle Remix)

Alex: While the original is average at best (and let’s be honest here, a track named “Rockstah?” Really!?), Hvtchet and Animal House turned the track around and gave it the trap beat that meshes nicely with the originals Melbourne bounce vibe. Feeling a bit bouncy? This track is for you. Madison: So I had never before heard this original, but after I heard the remix, I looked it up and had a listen. Hvtchet and Animal House killed this trapstyle remix. Trapstyle is becoming so much more popular; it’s going to take over 2015.

21. Lil Boosie - Crazy (Brillz & Snails Bootleg)

Alex: Lil Boosie’s original receives a crazy remix from Brillz and Snails. These two are known for their heavy trap beats and this is no different. Dirty, grimey sounds are heard on this track that accentuate the deep bass heard throughout. Watch out for the second drop though, it is massive. Madison: Brillz and Snails bringing a dirty bootleg of "Crazy" was the best thing ever. This whole track is massive, and you don't want to miss one second of it. So plug in those speakers, take a seat, and take it all in.

22. Mako - Our Story (Party Thieves Heaven Trap Remix)

Alex: As a thank you for reaching 20,000 followers on SoundCloud, Party Thieves dropped possibly one of the best trap songs of 2015. The feels are huge in this song. If I don’t hear this song live soon, I will have missed out on something spectacular. Just press play and listen to it. What a bridge! Madison: With Mako‘s “Our Story” being one of my personal favorites of 2014, you can already imagine that this Heaven Trap Remix is my everything. When Party Thieves first sent me the track I said, “That was one of my favorite songs of 2014. You totally did it justice… like it should have been on the remix pack.” I still stand by that statement 100%. So Mako, can you just add this to the remix pack?

23. SCRVP X Kid Kobra - Toke (Original Mix)

Alex: Shout out to all the tokers out there. Scrvp and Kid Kobra decided to give the stoners a little something to bounce to when they’re feeling it. The beat causes heads to bob and has a bit of a twerk feel to it. Don’t worry though, the melody before the drop is slow enough for you to get your two puffs in before you have to pass it onto the next guy. Madison: SCRVP and Kid Kobra are coming into 2015 strong as hell. Lets do a little puff, puff, pass on this track. If you're at a party sitting down with some friends or at a show, gather round because this track is for sure going to the get the place a little smokey.

24. Martin Solveig & GTA - INTOXICATED (Clips x Ahoy Remix)

Alex: Now that we are all now fully intoxicated by the music, Clips x Ahoy gives us a perfect remix of Martin Solveig and GTA’s “Intoxicated.” Keeping the happy melody vibe, Clips x Ahoy opens the floor and drops us into a massive trap banger. Let’s dance while we’re intoxicated.   Madison: 2015 is going to be Clips X Ahoy’s year, I can guarantee that. Starting off the year with this huge banger remix, I can’t complain. Be on the lookout for more tracks from him this year because you are not going to want to miss out.

2015 and Beyond

While everyone is wondering what the bandwagon genre of 2015 will be, trap artists around the globe are making a huge push for 2015 to be the year of trap. Although trap has gotten plenty of attention recently, we are seeing the genre expand much in the same way as dubstep did in 2011, or deep house did last year. Plenty of new artists are flooding the market while the tried-and-true artists are refining their craft in the studio and on tour. With these 24 songs underneath your belt, which were your favorites? Was it the hard-hitting "Chief" or "Hoodrat Anthem?" How about the beautiful feel-good tracks "Our Story" and "If We Ran For It?" Whichever one it is, we want to hear your opinion below. Have any artists or songs you think we missed, let us know on Only The Beat's Facebook or Twitter. Check back next month when Madison and I put a little bass into your Valentine's Day festivities.