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Groove Cruise Miami 2017: There's No Place I'd Rather Be

Hard to believe that Groove Cruise Miami 2017 was just three weeks ago. Last year I departed on my first GC with a group of friends from NYC. I didn't know what to expect, what it would be like, if I would get seasick, if the people would be nice. Suffice to say I was nervous. But, once I boarded the Norwegian Pearl, I was part of the GCFAM and knew from that moment I would be back in 2017. So, here I am back from GC Miami 2017 and I can say this experience was better than the last. Groove Cruise is more than just music, it's a journey. We will get to that in a moment. But first, here's what you missed.

Groove Cruise Miami 2017 Aftermovie

The Music

This year had something for everyone. From Andrew Rayel to Sam Feldt(interview coming soon) to UMEK, the music was top-notch. I had some personal favorites on the boat.

1. Grum

I have to say when I saw this name on the lineup I was pretty excited. I had been trying to see this guy for a couple years now and it just never worked out. He closed out the theater on night two and I was blown away. The track selection from start to finish was perfection. Played a few favorites of mine, including Eric Prydz - Choo, Enrico Sangiuliano's remix of Moby's Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad and a remix of Innerbloom. Not to mention a few new tracks of his own were in there including 'Shout' which is out on Anjunabeats this Friday. He's on tour right now in North America and if you haven't seen him yet, get your ticket if he's in a city near you.

2. Jody Wisternoff (Purified Stage Set)

Wisternoff had the sunset slot as we were leaving Grand Turk. I remember being at the Aft Pool Deck dancing along the side of the pool as the sun went down. Eyes closed and just moving with the music (and the occasional boat rock). It takes a lot for a set to give me chills. I had them. The only word I can use to describe this set is magical.

3. Nora En Pure (Purified Stage Set)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge Nora En Pure fan. I have had the opportunity to interview her twice and see her play numerous times. Every time I see her it's a different experience. This set was no different. Hosting a Purified Stage for the first time on Groove Cruise she had the back deck dancing their butt's off.

4. Camelphat (Casino Set)

Back in October 2016, I finally was able to see Camelphat play at ADE with Danny Howard at the Area 10 party. I was pretty thrilled when I saw them on the Groove Cruise lineup. The casino was hot and sweaty, even a little grimey. Was there a more perfect place on the boat to hear them drop 'Make Em' Dance'? I don't think so. If you haven't seen these guys yet, add them to your list immediately.

5. Lee Foss (Sunrise Set)

Anyone that was there for this or has seen Lee Foss before knows what he is capable of. Seeing him play a sunrise set on Groove Cruise was nothing short of epic. The night before I took my first nap of the cruise in order to prepare my feet for what was sure to be a long morning of dancing. After Foss was done with his solo set, Detlef and Nathan Barato returned to play b2b with him. Thank you for the Hot Creations takeover. I now request that this happens every GC Miami. [caption id="attachment_39451" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Groove Cruise Photo Credit: @veranmiky[/caption]

The Boat

While I liked the Pearl last year, I have to say I was really impressed by the Carnival Victory. Stages were definitely more spread out this year compared to last but I actually loved it. There was no sound bleed at all and the crowds were a bit different at each stage. As for the boat staff, they were great. Incredibly helpful and informative. Looking forward to another sailing with Carnival.

The Destination - Grand Turk

[caption id="attachment_39450" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Groove Cruise Miami Photo Credit: @veranmiky[/caption] A picture is worth a thousand words. Grand Turk was incredible.

The Food

The Pacific Dining Room was great as was the Seafood Shack on the Aft Pool Deck. Not sure how many people made it back there but the raw seafood options were awesome. Shout out to Whet Travel founder Jason Beukema for letting us know that was even there in the first place. However, I wasn't as impressed with the buffet options. I did hear quite a few people talk about this as well. It seemed like a lot of fried food overall. The late night options weren't optimal. The coffee bar near the casino was a life saver each day. If you didn't check out the speciality dinners Groove Cruise put together in the Atlantic Dining Room you missed out. The F$%k The Wall dinner was absolutely awesome. Build your own tacos, tamales, enchiladas, ceviche, churros. You name it, it was on the menu. It was basically a Mexican food lovers dream. I also needed a crane to get up out of my chair when I was done. Fingers crossed they bring this back next year.

The Activities

Groove Cruise did an awesome job putting together other events throughout the boat. There was a mini golf tournament featuring some of your favorite producers, a ping-pong tournament, a tequila tasting with Goldfish, a listening party with Markus Schulz for his latest edition of the Dakota Project (interview with Markus coming soon), Twister, Comedy Nights with DJ Mimosa, Deep House Yoga, a Techno spin class and this year's relaxation area OZ. Sleeping was also an activity but I am pretty sure the majority of people on this boat didn't partake in that.


I mentioned it earlier but once you step on the boat you are part of the Groove Cruise family. I don't think I have ever met a more open, accepting and welcoming group of people in my life. Pretentiousness, throw that overboard. That doesn't exist on this boat. Judgmental people, nope they don't exist either. What does exist is love, acceptance and kindness. I could go on and on about this as I think it's what truly makes Groove Cruise special. The past two sailings I have been on I have met some of the most incredible people. I have forged some lifelong friendships. And yes, I now consider myself a Groove Cruiser for life or until I am in my rocking chair. So, that leaves us with the question at hand, should you go to Groove Cruise Miami in 2018? The answer is yes. Do I know where the boat is going or when it's going? No, I don't. But, I do know that you will set sail on one of the most epic experiences of your life. Groove Cruise is all about connecting with friends new and old, experiencing new things and creating amazing memories. Now, I know Groove Cruise Miami 2018 seems really far away. The good news: Groove Cruise LA 2017 has just announced the dates and the destination! The Carnival Inspiration will set sail on October 6, 2017 and head to Ensenada, Mexico. Groove Cruise LA goes on sale tomorrow. Make sure to head to their Facebook page at 11 AM PST to get all the important details!

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