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‘Gold’ Receives Late-Night Chill Mix from BH & Dixon

Monday, October 06, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Fresh off the release of Adventure Club’s new single “Fade”, Ben Hall, better known as BH, and Dixon joined forces to create a fresh remix of the famous hit “Gold.” Instead of creating a typical dubstep remix though they decided to tone things down and created a brilliant chill trap edit to throw onto your late night playlists. Keeping the same emotion from the original, BH and Dixon throw in a deep, emotional bass to make the lyrics stand out even more. The trap bass rules in this fresh take, while the typical trap beat provides the song with an easy melody to bob your head with. The lyrics remain the focal point of the song while the bass beats in the background sending you to outer space. The deep, airy chords weave in and out of the lyrics while BH & Dixon add in some reverb on the lyrics to make your mind wander. The inclusion of a thunderstorm rumbles in the background of the tune, so don’t check your windows when you listen to the tune.

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BH has been on a tear recently, releasing tune after tune. Dixon joins BH yet again for another Adventure Club remix after they teamed up to remix ‘Wonder.’ They seem to have a good connection together and I can’t wait for new releases from the both of them. Check both of them out on their SoundCloud accounts and make sure to watch out for these two new producers, they are definitely in my top artists to watch out for. As always, they released this tune for free download, so enjoy the download and enjoy the tune… happy listening!

Adventure Club - Gold (BH & Dixon Remix)

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