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Get to Know: Zeds Dead

Monday, November 13, 2017
Niki Graham

Photo Credit: John McCormick Zeds Dead has consistently kept thousands of fans hyped, ready to dance and celebrating their sound all season long. Lucky for us we got to chat with Dylan 'DC' of Zeds Dead just hours before their Deadbeats Chicago show. He shared what they love most about the Windy City, a little about their label and more at their pop-up shop at Grassroots Chicago! Zeds Dead Photo Credit: John McCormick

10 Things We Learned About Zeds Dead

1. They love Chicago! Whether it's getting a steak dinner at Chicago Cut, or a classic hot dog, Zeds Dead love coming to Chicago for the grub! They have a huge fan base in the midwest so coming here is a treat! They've already checked out hot spots such as The Bean (really named "Cloud Gate") and The Magnificent Mile, and look forward to more time vibing in the local neighborhoods. 2. Dylan and Zack met through Zack’s cousin, who is now their booking agent! They were all into hip-hop and classic rock. They really connected when they both became interested in producing music and making beats. 3. Zeds Dead was not the duo's first project! Dylan and Zack teamed up as 'Mass Productions' and even released an album titled 'Fresh Beats' back in 2007. Eventually, they transitioned to more electronic sounds and officially started a new project with a new sound: Zeds Dead. 4. Dylan's alias, 'DC' is not an homage to the nation's capital, nor the American comic book publisher, as some might think. Instead, DC is an acronym for 'Dusty Crates', a nod to digging through old vinyl to find samples for making original beats. DC is really into Porsches and even owns an Agate Gray Metallic Porsche 911! 5. Zack, better known as 'Hooks', is a graffiti artist! Grassroots Chicago sold all of his pieces at the Deadbeats Pop-Up. He even painted a mural while he was here, just north of Grassroots Chicago, on W Ohio Street! Check out more of his original art on his Instagram! Zeds Dead Photo Credit: Niki Graham 6. Zeds Dead have their own unique sound! While the duo doesn't discourage tapping into popular sounds or the 'flavor of the month', they prefer to draw inspiration from their own passion. They avoid chasing trends and stay true to the sounds they love. 7. The boys started by making as many online connections as possible, including online blogs, youtube channels, and making bootleg remixes. 8. The duo imagined making their own record label since they started as Zeds Dead. As they finished up their latest album, 'Northern Lights', they decided this was the perfect opportunity to kick-off Deadbeats! 9. Zeds Dead are very involved with the artists that are on their tour and record label! They feel it's a great way to involve artists they love and appreciate, and expose them to the Deadbeats fanbase. 10. The boys rally for shows with a pre-show hot coffee or tea, especially during these colder months! It "soothes the soul" they say, and "gives them some much needed energy."

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