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Artists To Know In 2017: Hype Beast

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Erik Skoog

I first connected with Steven Tran last summer while putting together an article for Paradiso. If there is anything that stands out about the guy, it's his unrestrained enthusiasm for everything, but especially music...everything music - local artists, big festivals, and of course, his own work. And in an industry that basically hinges itself on energy and passion, that means something. Hype Beast is the project of Steven and Cole Olson, two pals from all the way back in 7th grade history class. After diving into the scene and attending some shows together, they realized that they were meant to be up on stage. Hype Beast more than lives up to it's name. Get to know the boys as you take a listen their Only The Beat exclusive mix and hear it for yourself. Disclaimer: Only The Beat and Hype Beast are not responsible for any injuries sustained through headbanging.
  1. What is the first concert/festival you attended? Steven: Freaknight 2014 was the first festival I attended Cole: Paradiso 2015 2. What was the song the originally got you into music? There's a lot of songs that we love, but the one that really inspired us in general is Crankdat's remix of ‘The Box.’ 3. Who are your top five artists? 1. Crankdat 2. Skrillex 3. Kayzo 4. Herobust 5. The Chainsmokers 4. What is something you've gotten into and gotten excited about lately? Creating music, it's such an addicting hobby of ours now! 5. What is your pre and post show ritual? Honestly, there's not much to it! We just get ready last minute and afterwards just hangout and listen to music! 6. What are you listening to right now? Definitely a lot of hard trap and hardstyle. 7. What does the music world need right now? Right now, we feel like it's going into the right direction. The music that has been released this last year (2016) has been such great hits...songs that we could honestly say we can listen to forever. I don’t think it needs much, but as everyone knows it will expand more and more as time goes on. 8. If you could collab with one person dead or alive, who would it be and why? It would have to be Crankdat for sure - he has such a clean sound design and really knows how to master his tracks really well! 9. What is the best piece of advice you've even been given? Never stop learning. There's something new to learn every day and you always got to take that opportunity that's given. 10. What is your dream festival to attend/perform at? Oh man, it would be insane to play at EDC or Tomorrowland…but home is what matters. Paradiso is the dream festival we would want to play at. That day would be the best day of our lives. 11. What are you most excited for in 2017 (musically or otherwise) and why? Seeing how we grow as artists! We already have 4 new remixes out on SoundCloud and can’t wait to show everyone what we are about in 2017!
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