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Get Ready for Festival Season with "Sparkle" by Hydrogenio

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hydrogenio Fresh on the Beatport market is "Sparkle" by Russia's Hydrogenio featuring a smash remix by KURA. You can assume that I chose this track because of the remixer's name (OK, I like it).  However, this track release isn't just about the name. As an advocate for the big room sound, I can appreciate cheesy chords and fat drops and if you do too, "Sparkle" won't disappoint. KURA's "Sparkle" is absolutely electric! I can't get enough of this lead bass line!. The chords however, are generic and uneventful, but the carefully tuned kicks help deliver some energy before all hell breaks loose in a Hardwell-y fat mid-bass drop. big-room-house-meme I know there will be plenty of you complainers out there saying "We're tired of bangers, it's all we hear at festivals!" Your problem isn't the songs, it's the person choosing them. When the DJ plays only big room tracks, the set gets old very fast, but the same can be said about any genre. A good set will go through many genres in the DJ's quest to tell a story and create a memorable experience for the crowd. For some background info, Hydrogenio is actually from St. Petersburg, Russia (same as me) and has been active on Beatport since 2010. His first major release was "777" with a sweet remix by Ben Gold in 2012 and he's shown no signs of slowing down. KURA Pose KURA, on the other hand, has been releasing quite a bit through Ferry Corsten's label, Flashover. At only 26, this Portuguese producer/DJ is supported by some big names and even got his "Sabotage" radio edit on the Armada Top 15 2014-15. Look out for Hydrogenio and KURA in near future as they will be bringing the damage at clubs and festivals around the world!