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Get to know: MUST DIE!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

MUST DIE! is a hugely exciting talent, and seems to be popping up all over the bass scene at the moment. Snapped up by Never Say Die a year ago, his truly individual style of production and outgoing personality make him stand out from the crowd. He features on the NSD UKF Vol.3 compilation out this week with both new music and remixes, and word is just getting out about his joint album with OWSLA that is on the way later this summer. We caught up with MUST DIE! to get the lowdown about his latest projects. OTB: You have four tunes coming out on the NSD/UKF compilation. Can you tell us a little about them? Were the creative processes different? The two originals were kind of in vein with what I've always done. 'Feline' has been a staple in my live set for  a while, so I'm glad that's out now! 'Culture' was a collaborative effort with my best friends, Mantis from Atlanta. We had a ton of fun, and I am really glad we got to work together as much as we did before I moved! OTB: You have an LP out soon. How long has that been in the making? Far too long! It's been roughly 7 months. OTB: An album is a big project. Did the thought of it daunt you when you started? Actually, I was the one who decided it was going to be an album. I have an overactive imagination and I thought a longer track list was the best way to express my ideas more accurately. OTB: What styles and sounds are you trying to push at the moment in your production? To be honest, I don't know. It's a period of resetting and starting fresh for me, so I guess we will all find out soon enough. Survivors OTB: How would you say the Dubstep sound has evolved? What artists are you feeling at the moment? I don't think the Dubstep sound has evolved. I think it's devolving and I also think that is a good thing. People are using simpler rhythms, groovier riffs and melodies, and toning the amount of bass sounds down to only a couple per song. Makes it easier to digest. Some artists I am feeling right now…hmm….The Never Say Die crew always tops on my list, not because of obligation but because of pure talent. Dr. Bread (SERIOUSLY love this dude), Mantis, HYDRABADD, Cashmere Cat, Trippy Turtle, Lido, Blank Banshee, Infuze, Getter, A F K, The Frim, Skrillex, all the OWSLA crew. I don't know, I'm kind of loving a lot of things right now. OTB: What shows are you most looking forward in the coming months? Well I have Paris soon with Kill The Noise, so that should be fun! Also playing TomorrowWorld which I am very excited about. OTB: What are your long term aspirations as an artist? To stay alive and always be myself. Even if I have to sacrifice a paycheck or two :)