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Get to Know: Ephwurd

Friday, July 29, 2016
Dakota Orlando

The combination of dubstep legend, Datsik and his tour manager, Bais Haus make for some pretty head-banging tunes. The founder of Firepower Records and former ghost producer have met their match when it comes to collaboration. Ephwurd emerged with a bang with the release of their first track Rock The Party featuring Jauz just one year ago. Since then, the track has swept the nation and has been played by practically every name in the book. From the start they were an instant hit. Debuting their live performance at Insomniac's Escape: Psycho Circus, the duo followed that up by touring the West Coast beginning in January. Their total "eph you" attitude is one that we admire so we jumped at the opportunity to speak with the two about their start, their strategy and their future.

Ephwurd & Jauz - Rock The Party

Only The Beat: Where did the name Ephwurd come from and what does it mean to you guys? Ephwurd: We wanted to make music without caring about what people thought. The mentality is kinda like if people wanna hate then eph them. We don't have time for bad vibes. We make what we wanna make and eph everything else!! OTB: Tell me about the moment you decided to produce as a duo. E: About a year after touring together, we collaborated on a track for Datsik's 'Let It Burn' LP and after it was released we started tinkering around more and thus Ephwurd was born. OTB: What do you think it is that makes you two mesh so well while collaborating? E: We don't care too much about a lot of stuff. Even if one of us writes something and the other hates it we just kinda say eph it and make something new. We try not to get stuck on stuff forever cause it ruins to creative process. It's easy being able to let go of an idea and not get weird about it. OTB: Do you guys have any other hobbies that you share outside of making music? E: Sushi. OTB: Describe the kind of music you make in three words. E: Hype, hype, hype. OTB: What elements do you think make a set truly memorable and magical? E: Fun moments that people can remember. We just bought a t-shirt cannon, we love blowing loads (of shirts) all over the crowd. We're not throwing cakes yet but who knows, I've always liked funfetti myself. But in all seriousness we put about 100 hours of work into each set we play. Every song is an edit so you're hearing a lot of these songs the way we want to play them versus just playing them out as is. This gives a lot of room to get really creative with mixing and creating an experience with audio. OTB: What has been your favorite set to play since you joined forces? E: Our debut set at Escape Halloween was pretty crazy. Walking out to play right after Porter Robinson in front of 30,000 kids was pretty surreal. OTB: Who do you guys want to collaborate with most? E: Pop acts. The Weeknd would be dope! Def digging Zara Larsson lately. OTB: Do you guys plan on taking Ephwurd on as a long term project? E: We'll see. :) OTB: What is on the horizon for you guys after festival season comes to an end? E: Writing a ton of new music. OTB: Any final thoughts for our readers? E: Keep an open mind. Don't be a hater, nobody likes that shit. With a strong start, it's no secret that these guys are game-changers. With an "eph the haters" mindset, Ephwurd will go far and continue to surprise us with innovative tracks time and time again. We can't wait to see what surprises they will deliver next after they finish off their U.S. tour in late October.

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