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Gareth Emery Revs Into 2015 With Drive Refueled

Bringing on a cast of A-list producers and DJs to pump the 12 tracks from last year's Drive with new energy, Gareth Emery revs into 2015 with a remix album that won't run out of gas. W&W, BL3R, Deorro, Cosmic Gate, MaRLo, Omnia, and others go for a spin on Drive Refueled, adding their own blends of progressive house, trance, and electro to a collection that will appeal to listeners of all genres. There's a surprise around every twist and turn, with touches of rocktronica from Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano on "U" featuring Bo Bruce, Dirty Dutch hard house from R3hab on the Krewella collaboration "Lights & & Thunder", nu wave trance on "Firebird" by Grum and complextro by James Egbert on "A Million Years" ft Asia Whiteacre. With some familiar names and some new, Drive Refueled comes fully loaded with 22 remixes to fit any mood or setting. Drive proved that Emery could deliver an album full of emotion and inspired sounds, without conforming into a drop-filled, festival frenzy. The album reached #1 on the US iTunes Dance chart in April 2014 and kicked off Emery's worldwide tour that saw him visit nearly 40 cities in three months. After relaunching his long-running radio show from The Gareth Emery Podcast into Electric For Life, this year sees Emery taking up a new residency in Vegas at the brand new club LiFE at the SLS, continuing to run his successful record label Garuda Music and expanding his personal time with family in his recently adopted hometown of Los Angeles. Drive Refueled will be released March 3 on Garuda Music. Pre-order is available now on iTunes. Track List: 1. Beautiful Rage featuring LJ Ayrten (Alex Sonata Remix) 2. Long Way Home (Cosmic Gate Remix) 3. Firebird (Grum Remix) 4. Million Years featuring Asia Whiteacre (James Egbert Remix) 5. Dynamite featuring Christina Novelli (Walden Remix) 6. Entrada (BL3R Remix) 7. Javelin featuring Ben Gold (Juventa Remix) 8. Soldier featuring Roxanne Emery (Luke Bond Remix) 9. Lights & Thunder featuring Krewella (Omnia Remix) 10. Eye of The Storm featuring Gavin Beach (Craig Connelly Remix) 11. U featuring Bo Bruce (Bryan Kearney Remix) 12. Drive: Refueled (Full Continuous Mix) Bonus Tracks: 1. Dynamite featuring Christina Novelli (MaRLo Remix) 2. Eye of The Storm featuring Gavin Beach (Stadiumx Remix) 3. Eye of The Storm featuring Gavin Beach (BL3R Remix) 4. Javelin featuring Ben Gold (Carl Nunes Remix) 5. Lights & Thunder featuring Krewella (Deorro Remix) 6. Lights & Thunder featuring Krewella (R3hab Remix) 7. Lights & Thunder featuring Krewella (Darren Styles Remix) 8. U featuring Bo Bruce (W&W Remix) 9. U featuring Bo Bruce (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix) 10. U featuring Bo Bruce (Coone Remix) Videos: 1. U (Official Music Video) 2. Dynamite (Official Music Video) 3. Long Way Home (Official Music Video) CONNECT WITH GARETH EMERY Website: Facebook: Twitter: @garethemery Soundcloud: