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Freaknight Headliners Announced! [spotify playlist]

You've all been clamoring for it since the drive home from Paradiso, and after just a brief delay and a lot of gossip circulating, here it finally is. Your first round of headliners for Freaknight 2015. Hopefully you're sitting down.

The rumors or wishes or hopeful thinking or whatever you want to call it all ended up being true. We got Nero and Deadmu5. And because you just can't wait (only sixty more days ◔_◔), we're giving you a taste of what's to come with a Spotify playlist featuring the artists of this year's festival. In addition to what could be the best lineup we've seen from USC, the elephant in the room biggest part of the announcement is clearly the event being held at the Tacoma Dome (not at the Gorge guys, come on seriously...). While Life in Color and the recent Above & Beyond album tour took place outside of Seattle, this is a first for a major USC event, especially one as largely attended as Freaknight. How this is going to work in terms of stage layout (there will be three stages, as usual, this year), travel logistics, and timing (it does start on a Friday after work. Traffic is going to be one of many challenges) is still up in the air. What do you guys think about the location change? And how about that lineup? There's obviously lots more to come and we'll be there as it does. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, but stay tuned for updates on the event, more playlists, and your chance to win tickets to USC's annual Halloween freak show!