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Freaknight 2015 To Be Held At The Gorge?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Matthew Jager

A Second Weekend In Paradise?

The Pacific Northwest is spoiled to have one of the nations top events companies, USC Events, based out of Seattle Washington. With the The Gorge Amphitheater, the recently voted #1 best outdoor venue in the world, conveniently located 3 hours outside of Seattle, USC Events has created one of the most magical festivals in the nation; the Paradiso Festival. For the last three years, thousands have flocked to The Gorge in late June to experience a world class festival with the backdrop of one of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Originally a one day festival, Paradiso has expanded to two days, but are they now doubling down for a second weekend? Potentially, but it might not quite be what you think. Pollstar is a website where you can track artists to find out their performance schedule. However, you can also search by venue or city or event. Curiously enough if one searches Paradiso, 4 listings come up; one set in June and one set on the dates of USC's other event Freaknight in October. two paradiso Some would jump to the easy conclusion that this is simply a miss print as Freaknight is another two day festival, but after the cancellation of day two of Freaknight this year, the event might be in hot water and set to not be allowed at the same venue next year. Could this show a plan by USC to move the Halloween themed festival to The Gorge instead of the WAMU Theater? With USC also hosting two other yearly events at WAMU, the move seems slightly odd considering that both Resolution & Lucky are both being held at WAMU, but maybe Freaknight is just the problem child and needs a new home. In theory, Freaknight could move to The Gorge and become a whole weekend event resembling the style of Paradiso. So, while it would be a second weekend at The Gorge, it would most likely not be billed as Paradiso. Instead, I would suspect that Freaknight would become even more of a "twisted carnival" and could become a sprawling Halloween themed festival complete with a big top circus, carnival games, and of course, three stages jam packed with the best talent in the electronic music world. The weather would be colder but the potential for interesting cold weather rave outfits would be amazing while mixing everything under the spooky and fiendish themes of Halloween to create a one of a kind music festival. While I still find this highly unlikely, the idea is at least  an interesting one. What do you think? Let us at OTB know is the comment section below.