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Your Last Minute Checklist For Freaknight 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Erik Skoog

Woof. Could October have been any longer? Let's do this. gettin' it Here are some pointers as you run out the door on Friday. It's going to be a busy weekend! Make sure you don't miss anything!


 Put the finishing touches on your costumes

[caption id="attachment_35910" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pulling. It. Off. Pulling. It. Off.[/caption]

□  Wear deodorant

Seriously, I don't know why I even have to remind you of this.

□  Check the rules about what you can bring in!

Some things are obvious, but some you might get surprised by. For example, cigarettes and gum (whether opened or unopened) are not allowed.

 Do Not Forget Your ID, Your Ticket, and Some Extra Cash

If you only bring three things (but bring more), make it these. I'm sure your friends love you, but don't expect them to kick it in downtown Tacoma with you because forgot your driver's license. And if for some reason you haven't gotten your ticket yet, you can remedy that right now.

 ***Have A Game Plan***

I'm going to pin this as the most important thing for the whole weekend.

Not all of us have been to the Tacoma Dome for a show, let alone Tacoma at all. We don't necessarily know the line situation, how parking works, and none of us have any idea what the layout for Freaknight is going to be like on the inside. When you first get to the venue, spend a little bit of time getting your bearings. Where are the stages, where is the water, where is your meet up point going to be. This is not Seattle. You are not a $20 cab ride from the U District and no one can come and pick you up in 15 minutes if you get stranded. There are no buses or trains to get you home that late. Before you leave at the end of the night, make sure that everyone is accounted for. I know that part of the fun is breaking off on your own and exploring, but you do not want to get a phone call at 4 in the morning asking where everybody went and you sure as hell do not want to be the one making that call. Communicate with your friends, keep your phone charged, and have a backup plan. This also includes...

 Plan ahead for travel.

Hopefully you and your crew have ironed out these details already, but getting down to Tacoma is going to be a bit of project. It's a 45 minute drive without traffic, and you'll probably be leaving Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend, heading to the same location as a couple thousand other people. Take your time. Drive safe. Drive sober (obviously). You'll get there eventually.


 Set Your Rendezvous Point

First priority.

 Say hi to the Conscious Crew!

[caption id="attachment_35912" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Friends! Friends![/caption] See any of those wonderful people running around in orange shirts? They are going to be your best friends this weekend. I've had amazing personal experiences with a lot of them, even when I haven't been in crisis mode. The Conscious Crew is there for you. Always remember that. They are not there to judge. They are not there to get you in trouble. And neither are the paramedics. They are there to keep you safe. Be aware of your resources and use them if you need to. 

□  Go On One of the Carnival Rides

It's totally worth the wait in line! Just find a time where you don't have anything you have to be at. The lines really aren't that bad and you always get to meet people. Also, it's important to take a break from all that dancing you'll be doing. Personally, I can't do the back and forthy rides, but that's just me.



 Take Care Of Each Other

The biggest thing I will stress forever and ever until the end of the world is to simply be aware. It is so easy to get into  party mode and exist only in your own little dance world, and that's great...but as you're dancing, keep your eyes open. If you see someone sitting down, standing alone, looking just a bit out of only take five seconds to check in on someone and maybe five minutes more to get someone the help they need. Chances are, they're probably fine. But it's not worth taking that chance. Diplo will still be there after you get someone some water.

 Take it easy.

You are just as important! Take lots of breaks and drink lots of water even when you think you don't need to. This a two day trek for a lot of us. Make it a marathon, not a sprint.


 Remember That October Is Cold And Rocks Are Sharp

Often times the idea is to travel light. No one wants to be weighed down with a lot of extra crap, but the venue is only warm because you're dancing. Once you get outside, the temperature is going to drop, and sometimes it will even get chilly inside of these large arenas. Bring a sweatshirt. Even something light will work wonders. If you aren't renting a locker (and it's not to late to do so! You can also purchase them at the venue), bring a small backpack with you. Especially after the chaos that happened at Tomorrowworld, the last thing you want is to be stranded and cold. [caption id="attachment_35913" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Hell. Hell.[/caption] Be aware of the rules in place though. Bags that aren't see through will not be allowed in the Tacoma Dome, and while it might be a little late to get a bigger, nicer one; there are a few places that you can get a transparent drawstring bag. Trust me, you'll forget it's there almost immediately and be so grateful that you have a place to keep your phone, ID, kandi, sweatshirt, shoes you can walk in, and so on.

 Get Home Safely

Please please please please please do not drive under the influence of anything. And do not let your friends do so either. If you have to think on if you are okay, you are not. It is not worth it, but you absolutely are. If you need any help getting home or if you can't get a hold of your friends, find someone on Conscious Crew to help get you home safely. Remember that's why they're here.


Eat some good food, take a shower, have a couple of vitamin C supplements, and surround yourself by some good company as the night winds down. Also, if you have access to a hot tub, I highly recommend taking advantage of it. And for the love of God, remember to sleep. Especially if you're doing both days. [caption id="attachment_35917" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Cuddle puddle engaged. Cuddle puddle engaged.[/caption]


One more day, you guys got this! If you see the Snapchat shirt running around, come get a picture with me! Check the last entry on this post if you need to know where to find me. [caption id="attachment_35930" align="aligncenter" width="359"]snaps snaps![/caption]