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Five Tips Before You Go To Freaknight 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017
Erik Skoog

We are just one week out from Seattle’s longest running electronic music festival. Whether this is going to be your first show or you are a long time veteran of the scene, there is always something new to keep in mind while heading out for an exciting night. We’ve complied these lists of important tips in the past, including reminders to bring weather appropriate clothing, taking breaks, not forgetting to eat, setting a rendezvous point and time, investing in a portable cell phone charger, and so on. To continue the your free education, here are five more things you should do/bring/be aware of before you head out to Freaknight (or really any show). Some of them may be repeats, but I'm always a fan of the concept that we need to be reminded more than we need to be taught.  

1. Crowd Navigation

Okay. This one is really important. Spatial awareness affects the quality of everyone’s night and I’m not being dramatic. I get it. You're excited. You're not paying attention. You're intoxicated. Little bit of columns A, B, and C. It's really easy to get in your own world and forget that there are a couple thousand other people trying to enjoy the show around you. Here are the essential rules for moving through the crowd: 1.) A light hand on the shoulder and any combination of excuse me/sorry/can I get by works wonders. 2.) Don't go by with a train of 20 people. 3.) Don't stop directly in front someone. 4.) Say thank you. Basically it really just boils down to this: walk with a purpose and don't be rude. On the other side, if someone does bump into you, rush by, break any of those four, assume that it was unintentional.
ferrismuseum1 Not chill.

2. Water Is Good, But Don't Forget About Electrolytes

Obviously you should start hydrating now and should absolutely hydrate throughout the show that night, but I personally feel everyone over estimates the value of water. You ever have your muscles tense up while dancing or wake up the following morning like all the water got wrung out of your body like a towel? That’s because it basically did. Your body needs nutrients. After all, you are dancing for 3 to 8 hours straight. You need sugar. You need salt. Also, you know, if you drink too much water you can dilute your electrolytes and die. I know they won’t let you bring in Gatorade and I’m not sure if the venue even sells it (hey WaMu; start selling Gatorade at events), but I’ve always had success bringing in electrolyte tablets like Nuun. If you're concerned about them getting thrown out, just don't open the tamper proof seal until you're in the venue. I promise they aren’t paying me to say this.

3. Stash $20 Somewhere Safe

Stick it in your phone case, stuff it in your bra, or put it in your sock if you have a tendency to lose one or both of those things. This is your back up plan to get home. If your phone dies, if you lose your friends, if something goes wrong you still have some cab fare. Cabs are going to be cheaper at the end of the night anyway.


Please, please, please wear ear plugs. You are not cool for standing next to the subwoofer all night without them. I wish I had been wearing earplugs for years before I actually decided to, and now sometimes I hear a high pitched ringing for no reason. It's not fun. Dubs, Downbeats, Earpeace, anything. Buy a bulk tub of 50 pairs at the drug store and pass them out to people who need them. shopping

5. Only Yes Means Yes

This shouldn’t even need to be said, but in light of what’s been in the news recently (only time I’ll do this, promise), keep your hands to yourself. If you weren’t already aware, people like to show off their bodies at these shows. What a concept, right? That often involves skin, revealing costumes, dancing. People may have even been drinking. That doesn't change anything. You aren’t a caveman, so don’t stare and drool and grope. Remember, consent is sexy. ***** Freaknight 2017 will be held at Seattle's WaMu Theater from 6:30pm - 1:30am and features the talents of Kaskade, Justice, Adventure Club, Borgore, Dash Berlin and more! Tickets are still available, but they are close to selling out. If you're more into free tickets, you should check out our VIP ticket giveaway. The winner has been selected! Congrats to Shannon Morris - you're going to Freaknight in style!


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