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Fifth Annual Life and Death Miami to Kick Off Art Basel 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016
Dakota Orlando

Next weekend marks the 13th annual Art Basel, Miami. The international art fair takes place in Miami Beach and Hong Kong each year, showcasing thousands of contemporary works by new and emerging artists. From gallery openings and networking events to exhibitions and live performances, Art Basel has something for everyone attracting over 75,000 people from all over the world each year. Kicking off the festivities, Life and Death, the 12-hour festival, will return to Basel for its fifth year on Dec. 1, 2016. Life and Death, the Italian record label, encompasses both house and techno talents while prescribing to peculiar concepts combining psychedelic senses with soulful production. For half a decade, Life and Death has brought it all to Art Basel, intertwining unique sound with unique atmosphere. PL0T, a major contributor the underground Miami music scene, III Points Presents, a concert production company dedicated to combining art with non-traditional venues and More Or Less, the progressive electronic music event company are teaming up to provide attendees an unforgettable experience, making Life and Death a Basel staple. In addition to pushing the boundaries of innovation, this year comes with a promising lineup of heavyweights, both old-timers and new comers from across the globe. us-1201-873429-851209-front This year, the half day long event will take place at the stunning, Little River Studios. Located in North Miami, the indoor and outdoor venue will transform reality for concert goers with four rooms of curated environments including an old farm house, a beach house, stairs to nowhere and abstract structures. A courtyard and warehouses will house the talent, all of which have never been used before for such an event. HYBYCOZO will provide jaw-dropping art installations inspired by tech, geometry and science throughout. Life and Death starts at 7 PM and will guide you to the sunrise, closing its doors at 7 AM. 5th release tickets are still available for purchase at only $55.

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