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Festicrates “Big Box” Giveaway

Ever struggled to find something to wear to a festival? Are you not great at making kandi? Or is your wardrobe lacking in the PLUR department? These issues have been answered by Festicrates. This new startup brings electronic music into the subscription box service, offering ravers with a one stop shop for all their festie needs.

So What is Festicrates?

Much like Loot Crate and Glam Box, Festicrates operates by delivering a monthly box of goodies to your doorstep. These boxes will be filled with tons of great stuff to show off at the next festival, show or house party that you attend. With the first crate coming in April, there is still time to get in on the action for the initial wave of gifts.

What’s inside?

With 3 different options called the Plur Package, the Trippy Trunk and the aptly titled “No I Can’t Get You Backstage” Box, there’s something for every type of festival attendee. Trippy Trunk and Surprise Me Crate Festicrates Festicrates Plur Package and Backstage Package                                   Don’t want to decide? Don’t worry, Festicrates has a surprise me option, where surprise… they choose which one of the 3 you receive.

Need To Know

Starting at $34.95 a month, Festicrates gives you the option to sign up on a month by month basis, 3 or 6 month basis or the full year all at once. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the rates get per month.

Special Giveaway

To mark the beginning, Festicrates and Only The Beat are partnering to give one of you a chance at a big box giveaway to get you ready for festival season and excited for Festicrates. Starting today until March 4th, enter now from the link below for your chance to win this big box of goodies.

What’s Inside?

  • Festicrates gear
  • Your choice of 1 of the 4 boxes and a mystery item
  • 2 VIP 3 day Tickets to Backwoods Music Festival
  • 2 3 Day After Party tickets to BUKU’s Late Night Funktion
  • 2 Dem Vibes Hats
With this gear and tickets, you will be able to go to the hidden gem festival in the South, Backwoods, and after parties for BUKU already prepared with new gear and 2 hats from Dem Vibes. That's basically half the packing already done for you. You can enter now for your chance at this great prize now by liking and following Only The Beat, Festicrates and the events through the link below. Each different like gives you 1 entry, along with sharing these posts, so enter now for your chance of the Big Box Giveaway. Sign up now for your monthly box at and let us know in the comments below which box you are getting. Check back with us on March 4th for the winner and the months going forward for a look into what Festicrates gives to each subscriber. OnlyTheBeat X RaverRafting Giveaway (Contest on