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Ferry Corsten – Once Upon A Night Vol. 4

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Daniel Taibleson


Released through Premier Recordings, November 28th 2013 Pre-order via iTunes here:

‘Once Upon A Night’s pages have been reopened and Ferry’s again ready to let the music tell the story. Tonally the fourth O.U.A.N. odyssey departs on calm waters with a brace of tranquillity from London-based producer Ad Brown. With the vocalized shine of ‘More’ and ‘Thrive’ prefacing the mix, through fresh studio names Ferry crafts new threads into ‘Night’s narrative.


Drawing on audio from far and wide, Analogue Sound Department’s Daft Punk-ish ‘Rhodestep’, Timur Shafiev’s electronica-edged ‘Mainstream’ and the progressive harmonics of Amir Afargan’s ‘Dawn of Paradise’ light the mix’s path. Ducking its head into the big rooms for a moment, the midpoint finds Ferry debuting a track under a new pen name. Composed alongside fellow Hollander Joeri Lodders, the chip-tone channellings of LoCo’s ‘Out In The Field’ again subtly tweak O.U.A.N.’s character. Further in, ‘Is This Love’ from Zachary Zamarripa and Disco Freaks vs. Dayton Elliss ‘Take Me 2 The Sun’ inflect a grooving up-swell of house, before ‘Once Upon’ veteran REZarin signs the chapter off with ‘Signature’s flourish of pulse-racing anthemcs. On bringing the fourth phase of O.U.A.N. to fans, Ferry said:
With the diversity of dance music in general being bigger than ever before, my playground is endless. And with the sound of this compilation I hope you can hear that nothing is impossible.


With its pace & tempo dialled in, Ferry doesn’t ease off the gas but for a second. The second disc’s prologue comes in striking, bombastic fashion, courtesy of Slovenia’s Beltek. His summer 2013 ‘Inhale’ release conspires to bring some whipping, festival-rousing techno stomp to ‘Once Upon A Night’s plot. Fleshing out that tech-ish lean comes Chris Schweizer’s steel-tough remix treatment of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Gave Me’ and Beat Service’s dazzling re-spray of Bobina’s ‘For Who I Am’.

In their December issue Album of the Month review, MIXMAG says: “In a relatively lean end-of-year album landscape, ‘Once Upon A Night Vol. 4’ stands head, shoulders (and the rest) out from the crowd – 9/10”

With skilled assurance Corsten proceeds to drive the mix onto trancier ground. Alongside his and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s floor-packin g ‘Magenta’ come the renegade, pitch-bent synths of Markus Schulz’s current club-rocket ‘Remember This’ and David Forbes’ fiery ‘Exist’. Providing ‘Once Upon A Night 4’s climactic twist-in-the-tale, Andy Duguid’s shimmering ‘Tiago’, Witness45’s synth-suffused ‘Thank You’ and the heady captivation of Venaccio’s ‘Foxy’ deliver its melodic-through-euphoric bookend. With the album’s sonic fable travelling the listener to the farthest reaches of its author’s musical mind, ‘One Upon A Night’s latest edition serves Ferry’s series a new level high. ‘Vol.4’ is yours to own from November 28th.


01. Ad Brown with Tess – More 02. Ad Brown with Stan Kolev – Thrive 03. Analogue Sound Department - Rhodestep (Original Mix) 04. Timur Shafiev - Mainstream 05. Amir Afargan - Dawn of Paradise 06. Art Shumiloff & Jenia - Roxanne (Your Shape) (Original Mix) 07. LoCo - Out In The Field 08. Kukuzenko - Dangerbox (Original Mix) 09. Ad Brown with Shawn Mitiska - Pulse (Extended Mix) 10. Zachary Zamarripa - Is This Love 11. Disco Freaks vs Dayton Eliss - Take Me 2 The Sun (Dayton Eliss Remix) 12. Timur Shafiev - Glory (Edu Remix) 13. Patrick Hagenaar featuring Sarah McLeod - Magik (Kris O'Neil Remix) 14. REZarin - Signature (Original Mix)Disc 2: 01. Beltek – Inhale (Original Mix) 02. Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri – Gave Me (Chris Schweizer Remix) 03. Bobina & Ana Criado – For Who I Am (Beat Service Remix) 04. Rafaël Frost – Masada (Original Mix) 05. Andy Duguid featuring Jaren – 7even (Mark Sixma Remix) 06. David Forbes – Exist 07. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta (Extended Mix) 08. Markus Schulz – Remember This (Original Mix) 09. Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Jacob van Hage Remix) 10. Francesco Rossi – Paper Aeroplane (Tom Staar Remix) 11. Andy Duguid – Tiago 12. Witness45 – Thank You (Original Mix) 13. Venaccio – Foxy