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Feed Me & Teeth Get Trippy at the Paramount

Friday, September 26, 2014

Even though I have ample opportunity to see almost any electronic music concert that comes my way, I have a personal rule that I won’t go out of my way to see an artist more than 3 times, so I can prioritize seeing artists that I’ve never been able to catch live sets of in the past. Of course, with festivals this rule is often broken (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Tiesto, each time the performance slides further and faster downhill), but I try to avoid this for smaller shows. Feed Me is that one exception. A few weeks ago I headed to the Paramount Theater in Seattle for lucky number four to see UK’s Jon Gooch and his incredible production set up with Teeth for Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey Tour. Feed Me is one of those artists that I can never get sick of. His BBC Radio 1 mixes are what got me through college and still get me through long days at work. I love his new music just as much as his old, and I’ve got the lyrics to any of his songs that have them memorized. I could go on and on how much I love Gooch’s tracks, and how they are consistently so originally “Feed Me tracks” but seeing his live show is so much more than the music and its production value is one hell of a bonus. feed me psychedelic tour I consider Gooch one of the EDM pioneers for epic LED filled stage set ups. Sure, Daft Punk got it right years before with the pyramid, but who else has a giant interactive set of teeth to represent the alter ego of their DJ psuedoname? Exactly, no one else.

A+ Production Value

This year’s Teeth blew every years’ prior out of the water. Not only did Gooch rig him up with extra wattage of LEDs, the monster was lined with multicolored moving spotlights on top and either side of it that pumped out so many psychedelic tie dye color combinations throughout the show that you’d have hippies everywhere screaming with joy. The sound at the Paramount, which isn’t really known for the best acoustics due to its size and age, was clear, crisp and never too loud. The crowd was small compared to many EDM Paramount shows in the past, but one thing was clear: the fans that were there that night were die hards. They anticipated which songs would be played, recognized each ones and cheered louder than a packed house would have for Avicii. [caption id="attachment_26009" align="aligncenter" width="600" class=" "]feed me psychedelic journey tour Photo Credit: Tyler Hill[/caption]

All the Best Tracks

Gooch played (most of) our greatest hits, including transitioning ‘Little Cat Steps” into “Cott’s Face,” throwing in some extra grimey “Pink Lady,” a little taste of "Rat Trap" and even giving us a trip back in time with “Cloudburn,” one of his biggest hits that really got the Feed Me bandwagon in action. He also played most of the new EP, based on the tour. My favorite? "Alarm Clock" for sure. We were a little sad that there weren’t any “Grand Theft Ecstasy” or “Muscle Rollers” (staff favorites from us OTBers who attended), but YouTube video-sampled hits like “One-Click Headshot” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll” had us yelling right along with that crazy FPS game dude and that adorable little bike riding kid. I personally would have been a little sad if he didn’t play “Embers,” a song that is very special to me. I sang along with Lindsey’s incredible vocals at the top of my lungs for that one. We did hear a new tune near the end of the show (name TBD), and sorry Feed Me, I wasn’t a huge fan of it’s more pop-y vibe, but others liked it. However, you came in the clutch and made up for it at the end, closing with “Trapdoor.”

So, how was my 4th time seeing Feed Me? Amazing. Will I go out of my way to see number 5? You fucking betcha.