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Explore the “Labyrinth” with Trivecta

Monday, August 15, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

There are a couple artists out there that seem to get everything right with each track. For me, one of those artists is Trivecta. From his tracks such as "Surface," "Resurface" and "Evaporate," the Tampa native creates hauntingly, beautiful, heart-wrenching music for the masses. Partnering with vocalist Miyoki, Trivecta is back with "Labyrinth," a bass-heavy piece inspired by the movie Pan's Labyrinth. From the quiet piano beginning, it is clear that Miyoki's vocals are the driver of the tune. It not only controls the speed of the track, but the emotion as well. Trivecta incorporates a unique bass melody behind the vocals reminding many people of Varien's music before dropping a Seven Lions-esque melodic bass drop into the track. The intricacies within each note speaks volumes to how focused Trivecta is, which makes me love this track even more. Only to add icing to the "Labyrinth" love-cake, the addition of background noises resembling the Guillermo del Toro cult classic "Pan's Labyrinth" will make any movie lover giddy. Check out what Trivecta had to say about the ode to the film in "Labyrinth." "I sampled a ticking clock to represent the theme of time that carries through the whole film. I sampled trudging boots in the intro to represent the militaristic tone of the movie. And I included a children's choir in the background to represent the childlike, fairytale vibe that del Toro created for the film. Each verse sings about a different antagonist from the film, and the bridge quotes the movie itself." - Trivecta

Can you hear these in the track?

Trivecta - Labyrinth feat. Miyoki

You can feel the emotion Trivecta put into this track within every note. The constant additions, the swirling notes, each second sounds like perfection. As the track plays, close your eyes and let the music take you into the labyrinth, guiding you through each twist and turn before releasing you in a new world, a new place ready to be discovered.

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