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Exclusive Premiere: Lupe Fuentes' Latest Track "Can't Go On"

LA-based Lupe Fuentes continues her tech-house crusade with her latest track "Can't Go On."  The track is being released on Kerri Chandler's MadTech Records and will be featured on the label's Amsterdam Dance Event sampler which is out on October 6th. Fuentes talks production, future plans and more as we went Behind the Beat with her ahead of the release. One thing is for sure her latest track will definitely get you dancing! Read the full interview and listen to 'Can't Go On' below. Only The Beat: Can you tell us a little more about the background about "Can't Go On"? The creative process, etc.? Lupe Fuentes: I don't have one set creative process, but rather I play off inspiration. Sometimes I hear a song, go to a club, or a concert, or listen to an old record and get suddenly inspired. "Cant Go On" was definitely influenced by some current modern tech house piano tracks, and features an ultra rare vocal from the archives of the early days of freestyle, which is one of my absolute favorite genre’s of music. The track to me feels strong, dark and mysterious! OTB: This track is out on MadTech's ADE Sampler. The big event in Amsterdam is just two weeks away. Have you been to ADE? LF: I have never been to ADE, but I am making plans to go next year. I really love Amsterdam - great people, great vibe. I look forward to bringing my In The Loop brand to ADE soon.

Premiere: Lupe Fuentes - Can't Go On

OTB: You are a label owner with In the Loop Recordings. How has that impacted the decisions you make when it comes to your own music? Anything from the label we should be on the lookout for in the coming months? LF: I originally started In The Loop as an outlet to release my music and have more control over my release schedule. So per that, the sound of the label goes hand in hand with my sound. It is very inspiring to find people from all around the world that share the same music sensibility. Right now we have a track “Walk” by the talented guys Jojo Angel & Matteo Rosolare which is number 8 on the Traxsource Tech House Chart. A lot of our releases have been hitting the charts as they come out, so I am excited to see how the profile of the label is growing and we are able to develop and support our artists and give them a better chance to expose the music to more people. We also have a few releases coming up at the end of the year and early next year from Alaia & Gallo, Federico Ambrosi, and many more great artists and music… stay tuned ;) OTB: What do you have planned in terms of releases, touring the rest of 2016? 2017? LF: I am always releasing music. I currently have a release this month on Madtech “Can’t Go On” for their ADE compilation as well as a single on my own label In The Loop called “Full Jacking”.  I also have another EP in the end of the year coming out on In The Loop and a track next year on Roush (Hector Couto's label). As for touring, I play a lot here in the USA- especially in Miami and LA at venues like Heart Nightclub and Sound Nightclub. I am exited about the new year and new opportunities. Stay tuned with my tour schedule on my website. OTB: Top 3 tracks you are listening to right now? LF: Jojo Angel & Mateo Rosolare – “Walk”  [In The Loop] Solardo - “Tribesmen” [Hot Creations] Danny Tenaglia - “Music Is The Answer” (Montel Club Mix) OTB: Collaborations, if there was one person dead or alive that you could collaborate with who would it be and why? LF: Aretha Franklin and Celia Cruz! Because they had fire inside. OTB: Favorite food? LF: I am a foodie! My favorite foods are Italian or Japanese. A good pasta or super fresh sashimi, uni or Hotate are my favorites. OTB: You have played all over the place. Is there a favorite venue? LF: Miami has always been a super welcome city in general and I recently played in Hawaii at Asylum Afterhours, and it was awesome, the vibe of the island is incredible. OTB: Career milestone that you haven't achieved yet but are working towards? LF: There are a lot of things I still haven’t done. I dream big so I still have a long way to go. If I had to pick one, it would be to have a successful In The Loop world tour, which I am currently planning.

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