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Exclusive Playlist: LUMBERJVCK

Friday, December 18, 2015
Madison Riccardi

Today we have teamed up to bring you a jam packed playlist with LUMBERJVCK! Expect these songs to be somewhere in his set tonight at CONTROL in Hollywood at The Avalon!

Exclusive Playlist: LUMBERJVCK

Below he has listed a little something about each of the songs in this playlist, check it out!

"I have loved this tune since I heard Skrillex play the first version live. It is such a well made remix and always has a place in my set.

Incredible remix of an oldie but a goodie by Zack the Lad. Found this one on Halloween searching for some songs before my Reno show. I love the South Park “ignorant” sample too.

This song is dope because it gets more energetic every drop and there are three drops. I’ve recently been feeling this type of trap music a lot. Pretty much everything Eprom has his name on has this sound to it.

Great remix to a great song. I absolutely love the lyrics because they relate to me and pretty much every DJ. There is always someone asking for a +1.

One of the best dubstep tracks I have heard and a staple in pretty much every bass music DJ’s set.

Another one of the best dubstep tracks I have heard and my favorite to double drop with other songs in the same key. You could say its one of my secret weapons.

I honestly didn’t think the original could get any better, but it did. I play this every set. Especially that second drop.

I chose this one because who doesn’t love John Cena and Terror Squad at the same time

Herobust has been absolutely murdering the game recently and I have been playing all of his new stuff.

Another heater from my dude Herobust. I can’t play a set without throwing this one in.

I’m a huge fan of Must Die!, especially this track. It is one of my favorites from him and thats saying a lot because every song he has made is my favorite.

I feel like every time I play this tune at a show the crowd explodes. Enough said.

Kill the Noise put out an incredible album recently and this was one of my favorite tracks off of it. I love this track because it goes into some halftime on the second drop.

Probably one of my favorite vocals on an EDM track since “Internet Friends” by Knife Party.

Last but not least this remix is legendary. The sound design is top notch and I can listen to this song everyday."