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Exclusive mix: Samuel "Surreal" Sorrels

We first met Sorrels on our electronic-music + fashion journey in December. A stylist at Wild Style on Melrose, he also has a passion for underground house and techno, DJing all over L.A. and surrounding areas. He was kind enough to create an exclusive mix for Only The Beat, and give us his 2017 predictions for the edgy arts. [caption id="attachment_39083" align="aligncenter" width="312"]Surreal Samuel Sorrels aka Surreal on our December visit to Wild Style LA[/caption] OTB: How do your music and clothing style influence each other? Samuel Sorrels: The underground dance music scene has completely shaped my wardrobe and street style over the last decade, as I dress to compliment the concept of whatever mood/persona that I am expressing at a party or the boulevard.  Although as much as I am into dramatic brutal-ism in my stylizing efforts, I am also into practicality, functionality, stealth, and every day wear-ability. OTB: What are some of new trends in fashion and music you see happening in 2017? SS: Music: minimal bass, heavy groove-driven drums and rhythm, overly-psychedelic and euphoric melodies with heavy use of effects like reverb, echo/delay, spiraling and cutting.  General overtones of an ethereal jungle where some type of techno faeries are frolicking about. Fashion: concentrating on simplicity and quality, focusing on shadowy silhouettes with discreet functionality, proper layering with a pinch of draping and strapping. Moving farther away from dramatic unrealistic shapes and more into a hybrid type of look that can keep you under control anywhere from a 7 a.m. afterparty, straight to the comedown brunch looking spiffy as ever. OTB: Current favorite designer? SS: Rick Owens. (Always) Rick Owens. Yohji Yamamoto and Helmut Lang are damn sure tied for second. OTB: Current favorite producer/DJ?  SS: Oona Dahl OTB: Do you have any upcoming gigs or projects we should keep an eye on?  SS: We just did Coalesce this New Years in the Mojave Desert. Like my Facebook page and check out the feed to find more information on upcoming events. I am also releasing an upcoming EP soon alongside my production partner Niko Sacks under the title "Persono". OTB: Thanks Sam! And here we have an exclusive mix: Tracklist: 1. Nicolas Petracca - Hugs (Original Mix) 2. Cornucopia - The Day You Got Older and Stronger (Original Mix) 3. Mark Alow - Western Winds (Original Mix) 4. KrankBrother - Paradigm Shift (Original Mix) 5. Audiofly feat. Georgia Lewis - In the (Last) Moment [ Robag's Ponk Pramen NB Remix] 6. Marc Romboy - Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 7. Death On The Balcony - Good Things Are Gonna Come (Original Mix) 8. Chicola - Childhood (Original Mix) 9. Acid Pauli - Nana (Original Mix)

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