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Event Review | Jack Beats Gives the US Some Serious Bass Music

Monday, May 19, 2014

Electronic music fans in America have always gravitated towards progressive house and pop-laden beats that exist in the tracks we hear on Top 40 radio; A-list hard-hitters like Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and Tiesto will continue to top the popular charts, but bass music is taking control in a big way, and its here to stay. A few years ago, the only bass-heavy music that you'd usually hear in the States was incredibly hard, robot-like downtempo dubstep filled with wobbles and wubs. Deep house was practically untouched; saved for the underground afterparties and associated with Europe's larger electronic scene. Within the past year, bass music (dubstep aside) has exploded the US, with many popular UK artists taking the stage at big festivals and shows. Londoners Beni G and DJ Plus One of Jack Beats are hardly newcomers to the electronic scene. Their backgrounds in Drum & Bass and Hip Hop provided the perfect mesh of sounds to create a duo that's helping pave the way for bass music's new direction in America. Their combinations of wobbly basslines, breaks, and upbeat, house-catered synths fall into a new genre that US house veteran AC Slater calls "Night Bass". Slater joined Jack Beats for their latest Beatbox Tour around the US, and these artists could not compliment each other any better. I was lucky enough to catch Jack Beats at Seattle's Halloween weekend festival, Freaknight, and they absolutely killed it. I knew I had to see them in a more intimate, club venue and when I heard they were playing at Seattle's Foundation Nightclub, I jumped at the opportunity. The best part about seeing these two play is that their music is so versatile. Whether dropping housey, vocal tracks like "Somebody to Love" or getting the entire club bouncing with newer hits like "The Ill Shit", DJ Plus One and Beni G kept the energy going throughout the entire set. AC Slater couldn't have been a better opener, getting the crowd hyped up with super bass-heavy tracks that truly embody this concept of "Night Bass". I truly admire artists who have the ability to be multifaceted in their releases, and Jack Beats' 'Beatbox' EP is no exception, ranging from underground beats to bouncy house. I also love any artist who's down with dropping some of my favorite new deep house hits in a set like "Okay" by Dirtybird Records' Shiba San. This North American tour has been wildly successful for Jack Beats, and prepare to see them hit the festival circuits at EDC UK and deep house phenom Destructo's HARD Summer in LA.