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Enjoy the trip to Far Away with Kill the Noise and Feed Me

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Late night TV sucks. After all the football games are over and you’re watching the third episode of the same Sportscenter, channel-surfing becomes the top sport in America. This past weekend I found myself in that same position when I stumbled upon Adult Swim and an odd cartoon that was on. As I looked closer though something seemed familiar… can you see it? Feed Me KTN Far Away Yes, Feed Me and Kill the Noise released a new music video for the world to enjoy. The tune, ‘Far Away,’ is quite different than the hard hitting dubstep that we are used to hearing from them both, but is quite groovy if I say so myself. The new house number combines a children’s choir with a happy, uplifting bouncey groove that reminds me of Zedd’s ‘Stars Come Out.’ While the music drifts you away into the night, the music video takes you into another dimension.
What starts off as a new episode of “Adventure Time,” the friends end up on a island after their boat is destroyed. Hanging out together far away from home, the two friends experience something amazing, the birth of the Illuminati. Feed Me KTN Far Away Illuminati After being transported to a new dimension, stuff gets trippy as Feed Me’s little green monster and Kill The Noise’s skull go through a trans-dimensional adventure consisting of being melted, pulled, plied, eaten and more in this trip for the ages. After eating some cloud cotton candy, the two friends search for the eye to take them back to “real-life.” Although the song may be a different direction, we can still listen, look and love the production of this tune and music video. Kill the Noise and Feed Me continue to amaze us with quality music while incorporating more and more of themselves into their music. The blurb on YouTube about the tune explains more about themselves in one sentence than most interviews do to date,

“Far Away represents taking a musical storybook concept as far as Jake & I could, into a total world of its own. It's an adventure, an audiovisual journey, and laced with a little irony.”

These two continue to surprise me with their music and their EDM lifestyle. Feed Me continues to feed his followers with pictures of his newest tattoos and hints of new material while Kill the Noise continues to create a stellar merchandise store on top of his immaculate discography. Grab your closest friends, some hallucinogenics (I’m kidding) and enjoy this 4-minute trip to ‘Far Away’ with Feed Me and Kill the Noise.