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What Electric Paradise Says About the Music Landscape In the Caribbean

Music festivals and pop culture have always gone hand-in-hand. Take a look at the Coachella lineup from any year, and you can get a pretty good snapshot of what was popular in America during any given time period, or check out the Glastonbury lineup for an idea of the artists that are dominating the UK. These festivals haven’t always been accurate markers of the status of the music industry, rather it takes years building their reputation as tastemakers with great festival after great festival to achieve that status. With so many festivals taking place week in and week out, it takes a performance like Daft Punk’s Alive show at Coachella in 2007 to truly consider a festival as a legendary, can’t-miss event. However, even music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury don’t dictate what is to come in the music industry, rather trusted tastemakers and festivals work together to mold and shape the music landscape with smart, exciting bookings that reflect the direction of the industry as a whole. It takes forward-thinking individuals willing to take a risk on up-and-coming artists, while still having a hand on the pulse of the industry, for festivals to become truly influential. And countries around the world all have their own unique festival that accurately reflects their musical landscape - America has Coachella, Spain has Sonar, India has Sunburn, England has Creamfields, and the Dominican Republic has Electric Paradise. Electric Paradise has all of these pieces to become the next great international music festival and the flagship festival of the Caribbean. Coming into its second year, Electric Paradise has already claimed the title of the region’s largest musical event, and they’re quickly moving to establish themselves as influential movers in the Caribbean music landscape. Last year, Electric Paradise put an emphasis on dance music, hosting Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and more, which established the festival as the premier electronic event of the Caribbean. This year, Electric Paradise is tripling its size, expanding to three stages with a diverse array of artists slated to play. With underground superstars, like Nicolas Jaar and Guy Gerber, featured alongside dance music heavyweights, like Skrillex and Diplo, and homegrown acts, like Lash, Marc Da Mosh, and Cha Cha, Electric Paradise’s impressive lineup is a reflection of the Caribbean’s matured, yet diverse, taste in music. unnamed Not only does Electric Paradise deliver impressive musical programming, but the second-year festival also emulates the region’s willingness to grow and evolve with the music industry. In its inaugural year, the festival had the largest stage to ever be built in the country, which featured over 400 sq. feet of screen displays, over 200 lighting rigs, lasers, and unique visual content to turn Punta Cana into an immersive festival experience. This year promises to be bigger and better, as the entire beachfront of Punta Cana is expected to be transformed into a true land of paradise, complete with art installations and technology booths. Electric Paradise may still be in its nascency, but it’s figured out how to compete with the best of the best. Not only does the festival have a tremendous amount of potential to grow to become an international brand, but the Caribbean also has the potential to grow alongside of its flagship festival to become a premier music destination. Tickets to Electric Paradise are available for purchase on the official website here.