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EDX Is Coming Back to Sound Nightclub in LA To Finish The Year The Way He Started It

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

People often say that the music industry is cyclical, as styles and sounds experience a natural ebb and flow in popularity. No one understands dance music's recurrent personality more than EDX, who has proven his talent time and time again with his strenuous touring schedule on top of his quality releases. He started 2015 at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles, in the midst of the massive Progression of Sound Tour, and still managed to put his best production efforts forward with outstanding original tracks, like “Remember House” and “Want You,” in addition to chart-topping remixes of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love,” and Spada’s “Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun).” His latest release, a "Paris By Night" remix of The Avener’s “We Go Home,” is the cherry on top of an extremely successful year. To showcase his years’ worth of hard work and tremendous growth as an artist in the 20th year of his career, the Swiss-based producer will make his triumphant return to Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on December 19th, alongside his friend and fellow producer / DJ, Antonio Giacca, to end the year the way he started it - grooving with the best of the best in Hollywood. Together, EDX and Antonio Giacca have dominated the Beatport charts this year, with the Swiss dance authority topped the Deep House and House charts with tracks like "Belong," while Antonio Giacca saw his remix of "Hey Sunshine" sit atop the Beatport House charts nearly all year. You can get tickets to see EDX and Antonio Giacca here.