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EDM Fans are the Most Social Music Fans

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Enthusiastic EDM fans have been getting a lot of attention lately for their intense love of social media. Eventbrite even conducted a research project, called "EDM Fan Social Media Listening Study," which shows that social media sharing by EDM fans is fueling the musical movement. As a rabid fan, I know the excitement of being in the crowd, dancing with my friends and sharing my experience with others. I know how it feels to be engaged in the moment and then relive it afterward. And most importantly, I know how it feels to have a community of people who also share their passion for the music. Here's why EDM fans are the most social:

EDM Fans Tweet Constantly

According to the Eventbrite study, EDM fans were found to tweet 11 times a day, which is around six times more than the average Twitter user. We post 30 percent more about concerts compared to fans of other genres of music, and we post more than 70 million conversations a year through social media networks. But these aren't just random posts about our daily lives, these posts are about electronic music. A whopping 40 percent of these conversations demonstrate how much we enjoy the music and why we want others to start listening to it as well.

The Posts Continue During Concerts

While listening to EDM on my own is great, I live and breathe for live concerts. Beyond listening and dancing to the music, I enjoy live tweeting the performance. One in four social media posts about EDM take place during a live event, which adds up to 42 billion posts and impressions in one year. In addition to concerts, I enjoy tweeting and posting about the overall EDM lifestyle and my experiences as part of the community. I love being able to have a positive impact on attendance at concerts and getting my friends to go with me or joining them at an event. The best part about EDM is that, unlike other concerts where taking photos of the performers is strictly forbidden, it is encouraged and a large part of these events.

Why EDM Fans Are So Social

One of the reasons we are so engaged with social media during concerts is that we finally have the technology to do so. The latest smartphones have the features needed to share and communicate effectively. For example, the cell phones that have fast-focus cameras, which are ideal for taking shots of the action on stage (and selfies with other EDM fanatics). In addition, the front-facing, wide-angle lenses can capture more of the amazing dance music action than a regular camera. The most important reason is that we simply love the music and want to share this joy with others. Our generation is used to sharing thoughts and feelings through social media, and we feel comfortable letting the world know about our love of the genre and hope others will grow to love it, too.