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Dylan Tauber's "Dolphin Trance" Gives You All The Feels

Thursday, September 22, 2016
Andrew Tessler

Today we have a nice set of Trance tracks for you from Israeli producer Dylan Tauber. You may not have heard of Dylan so let's give you a little background (more like a lot). Tauber is an award-winning producer with a 20-year career based out of Jerusalem, Miami, NYC and now in the beautiful Northern Israel. If you see how much electronic music has evolved in the past few years alone, being a 20-year vet is quite an accomplishment in this industry. The man does it all by writing, producing, creating artwork and is a devoutly spiritual. He brings his spirituality out through his tracks and he runs 14 websites which include online imaging, photo gallery, and an online archive. To be able to write, produce and even do the artwork for your music is one hell of an accomplishment if you ask me. He's amassed millions of views on the site and also has published two books. This man brings his multi-talented body of work to "Dolphin Trance" from the synths to the artwork and it's perfect for your midweek playlist. I'm going to highlight three songs which I really think stand out and get you emotionally attached to right off the bat. "Son of Waves 2.0 Trance Remix" won the #3 spot on the Audio Chart on 1/22/16 and for good reason. Right off the bat, you get the Armin van Buuren style where you can just feel the track being special. With beautiful guitar synths and a Pacha NYC basement feel (when it was still open). If you haven't been to the basement, picture everyone dancing to underground beats until the early morning with no judgement and everyone enjoying the music as one. Trance and Deep House were a big part of the basement which we miss so much. "Son of Waves" really showcases Tauber's spirituality with it's ability to get you thinking and moving. "Dolphin Cry 2.0 Remix" is the second track which really gets me hooked. You get the feeling you're in a submarine that has it's own dance floor and you are watching dolphins swim around you. It's the Trance tracks like this that are a little bit psychedelic but also get you dancing that differentiate from many other songs in the Trance world today. It's hard to combine both those elements, and Tauber proves to do so in "Dolphin Cry 2.0 Remix". Lastly from "Dolphin Trance", "The Sea Trance Remix" is my third favorite track. You always need some vocal Trance in the mix, and I totally dig this one. "The Sea Trance Remix" is similar to sounds by Andrew Rayel and Chris Lake. The hook keeps you moving as the vocals drop and really gets you grooving and wishing you had a good voice to sing along, but hey we know you still will anyway. I could picture bumping this one sitting in traffic on a rainy day and just not worrying about being in bumper to bumper. "Dolphin Trance" Tracklist: 1. The Sea Trance Remix 2. Dolphin Swim Trance Remix 3. Dolphin Cry 2.0 Trance Remix #1 4. Life Feeling 5. Carry Me Trance Remix 6. For Dylan Tauber 7. Dolphin Cry 2.0 Trance Remix #2 8. Dolphin Dream Remix #2 9. Dolphin Whisper Remix 10. Son of Waves 2.0 Trance Remix Overall, "Dolphin Trance" is a nice set of 10 tracks for your Tuesday, and if you ever need some artwork be sure to check out Tauber's website where he showcases all of his talents!

Dylan Tauber - Dolphin Trance

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