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Don Diablo Releases Universally Epic Track

Dutch Producer Don Diablo is well-known for his eclectic style of  Future House production. Utilizing a vocal cutting technique to excite and enchant listeners, Don Diablo stands out amongst his peers. It's safe to say with "Universe" Don is back with yet another hit. And he is hitting hard. Keeping in line with the hard hitting Electro sound he is know for, Don assaults you with some deep bassy wubs, while Emeni provides a perfect complimenting of vocal airiness. A one-two punch that drags listeners in opposite directions. the delivery of the lyrics combined with the intensity of Don's production really takes your head to a better place. "Universe" could easily be a festival anthem, pushing crowds together in to one mass of ecstasy. Don has done a wonderful job of creating a sense of child-like unity even when you are listening alone. The feeling comes from the thought that someone, somewhere, is listening to the track at the same time as you. A rare emotive treat for audiophiles. Don't believe me? Give this track a listen and tell me you feel alone in the universe.

Don Diablo Feat. Emeni - Universe

Spinnin' Deep will have this Diablo treat when it releases on May 25th. It'll be a rough wait, but at least you'll be able to listen to it here until then.