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Digging Up Some Booka Shade Classics Before New Album "Eve" Drops Nov. 1st

Friday, October 04, 2013
Martin Smith

Booka Shade, a house music duo from Germany, has been crafting their unique sound for over a decade now. Their sound and style is very distinct and original---most of their popular tracks consist of a signature high resonating funky bass line and some tech-house sounding drums. This amazing integration of bass and drums is what keeps your head bobbing around uncontrollably on the dance floor. Now, add some analog synths with a groovy melody onto this, maybe some rusty vocals, and you got the recipe which keeps the loyal Booka fans coming back for more and more. Let's take a look at some of their most popular tracks, starting with the oldest, and ending with their most recent release. "Night Falls" is one of Booka Shade's biggest tunes to date. Coming from their second album ever, Movements, it pioneered the way for that true Booka sound. "Charlotte" comes off their album The Sun & the Neon Light, released in 2008. This is my favorite Booka song....but it's very close in line with the next song. "Teenage Spaceman" is considered to be their best song by many---and for obvious reasons. The uniquely syncopated lead melody makes you fly into space...or into your computer. "Honeyslave" is one of their most recent tunes---it came out in 2012 partnered with "Tomorrow Belongs to Us" in an EP release. And for their most recent release...."Love Inc" is the new single taken from their upcoming album Eve, which will be released November 1st. If you listened to the previous four Booka Shade songs, you can see how this new release incorporates a little element from each one. The ambient nature sounds in "Night Falls" are similar to this song's forest-like beginning. The obscure rusty voice recordings in the beginning of "Charlotte" are much like the ones at the start of this song. The heavy bass chords layered in the middle of the "Teenage Spaceman" track are pretty damn close to the way Booka Shade breaks it down here in the middle. And "Honeyslave" is a club mix so fuck off, there's similarities somewhere to find yourself. Booka Shade seems to be right on point with this next album...I think they will deliver some sweet gold to their dedicated followers.