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Devon James Drops Cheeky Midsummer Treat "Booty in the Kitchen"

Monday, August 01, 2016
Alex Blake

Booty seems to be on the mind of every artist at some point in their career. From Major Lazer to Justin Martin, Nicki Minaj to Sisqo,  their core motivations, at least at some point in their careers (and in the case of Nicki Minaj, her entire ethos) is built from the booty up. Like the throngs of the booty-faithful before them, Devon James and Maurice Tamraz have made their contribution to the booty pantheon with their latest track, "Booty in the Kitchen." Described as "cheeky" by James (perhaps literally), this house track takes two of the most well-known booty aficionados and flips some of their most well-known tracks into this rhythmic, club ready ode to booty (preferably located in the kitchen). The track is admittedly a bit tongue-in-cheek and came about only by chance. While working on the production of Felix da Housecat's album "Narrative of Thee Blast Illusion" nearly three years ago, James and Tamraz were cycling through booty appreciative music videos, presumably looking for a deeper meaning to life by way of contemplating 2 Chainz's expositions on all the only thing he wants for his birthday (spoiler: it's a big booty ho). Felix offhandedly suggested a flip of the track ("Birthday Song" if you haven't caught on by now) which led to them putting together a kitchen-centric booty track that sat undisturbed on a flash drive for years. While exchanging some unfinished projects in Philly with his frequent collaborator Tony Quattro, the unfinished version of "Booty in the Kitchen" slipped onto Quattro's hard drive, unbeknownst to either of them. After noticing a tweet looking for who exactly left the "Booty in the Kitchen" on Tony's hard drive, Devon and Tony collaborated over the course of a couple more sessions in New York City and the track as we know it now was born. Drawing upon the inspirational nature of the booty throughout musical history (or human history, for that matter) the track features the now legendary bass line from "Baby Got Back" and lyrics from "Birthday Song." "Booty in the Kitchen" takes hip-hop booty idolatry into the realm of house booty appreciation, flipping these iconic tracks into a club-ready beat, featuring hard-hitting beats that vary from the traditional 4/4 feel, the classic whip crack of Sir Mix-a-Lot, with just a dash of "Scrr Scrr's" from 2 Chainz.

Devon James & Maurice Tamraz - Booty In The Kitchen (ft. Tony Quattro)

Grab the free download of the track and enjoy the latest contribution to the shrine of booty!

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