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Destructo's Ship 2 Ship Tour Was as Crazy as We Had Expected

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

To celebrate Holy Ship's 4th year (and the addition of a 2nd weekend sailing), Destructo, T. Williams, Anna Lunoe and Motez kept the country busy between ships with the creation of the Ship2Ship Tour, and we were stoked to find out that a Seattle stop at Foundation Nightclub was included. On Destructo's last stop to Foundation a year prior, the Seattle "ship fam" went all out. I'm not kidding; they rented an entire section of VIP tables and showed up in full force pushing over 100 people, all dressed in their "ship attire" (which is essentially whatever the hell you want). With artists like ridiculously talented (and beautiful) Anna Lunoe added on the bill for the Seattle stop, the ship fam once again booked out the VIP areas like they were back home, 1st weekenders sharing stories with the 2nd weekenders who looked like school kids anxiously waiting for their class field trip. And let me tell you, the Seattle Ship Fam can party. Inflatable sharks, captains hats, Hawaiian shirts, a Sharpie-d baby doll (I'll let them explain it to you); that, and bottle after bottle after bottle. How some of these shippers even made it to weekend 2 of Holy Ship is beyond me. [caption id="attachment_31354" align="aligncenter" width="620"]I wasn't kidding. I wasn't kidding.[/caption] I headed into Foundation just as Anna Lunoe was about to take the stage, and myself as well as many other attendees can attest that she had the most incredible performance of the night, hands down. Anna has real talent that that very few other female DJs possess; her mixing skills are impeccable, music choice was ON POINT, and she made the crowd whoop and holler throughout the entire set. Her stage presence is mesmerizing; she moves with the crowd, grooving all together and it's very, very clear that making and playing music is something that she is incredibly passionate about. [caption id="attachment_31355" align="aligncenter" width="620"]11010961_807685189280760_2050897601994635747_n Anna killin' it with a full house[/caption]   I have to say that I expected a little more out of Motez, but that could have also been because following up an incredible set from Anna Lunoe was really hard to beat. Don't get me wrong, I love Motez's tracks and many of his mixes are on my playlist, but the set was just a little lackluster, and there wasn't a ton of a variety. It was a bummer too, because after months of hoping to catch him in Seattle, I was bummed that he didn't really meet my expectations. People took this time to grab drinks and chat before Destructo, with the steady 120 BPM lulling in the background. And let me add, at this point, people were DRUNK. Pretty sure I saw the same girl fall 3 times within 10 minutes. The Ship Fam can party, which is great and all, but keep it together guys! By the time Destructo hit the stage, everyone was liquored up and ready to go. G-House beats started pumping through Foundation's massive speaker system, which had been turned up extra loud for Mr. HARD himself, Gary Richards. The crowd went apeshit on the massive tunes like "Dare You To Move", "Party Up" and other shipper favorites. I definitely danced my ass off, got at least one drink spilled on my shirt and went to bed happy and sleeping like a baby. The next morning however, was not so great, but I guess that's what you have to expect at a Holy Ship party.