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Why Deep House is Here to Stay


When we head off to shows and festivals, the majority of the crowd is looking forward to the big guys: Avicii, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Benny Benassi, etc. etc.  We're all mentally prepared to hear half of the Beatport Top 100 in one sitting, which of course includes the latest and greatest "house festival bangers" (yawn).  Come on people, if Miley Cyrus is using the word (her new album, titled Bangerz), then it's probably time to retire it. Don't get me wrong, I love heading to a show and dancing all crazy to some of today's hottest EDM tracks, but sorry house and electro, I've got a new love and his name is deep house.


To give you at least a little bit of knowledge before I blast some awesome tracks and artists your way, deep house has been around since the 1980s.  Compared to its more upbeat house and electro counterparts, deep house is a tad bit slower at around 120-126 BPM.  The vibe is more relaxed and comfortable, yet there's still a steady buildup. Deep house is known to be a favorite at after parties, where people are still in the mood to dance but don't want to hear heavy drop after heavy drop. So why has deep house made such a comeback?  It's a bold statement, but I'm going to say it has a hell of a lot to do with English duo Disclosure, who blew everyone away with with deep, garage-style beats on their debut album Settle.  No one had really been paying attention to these types of tracks in the past, but Disclosure's addictive, flowly beats could not be ignored.


I can't get enough of deep house.  I used to sit at my desk and listen to the hardest-hitting, fast paced mixes at work whenever I needed to get things done.  Now, I throw on a mix by Felix Da Housecat, Green Velvet, Mario Ochoa or Dusky I'm hit with a wave of productivity that just makes me want to keep going, and going and going without stressing me out.  I think that our generation's taste in electronic music is maturing; you could compare electro to the compulsive, crazy teenager whereas deep house is the calm, cool and collected individual.


EDM fans are beginning to branch out into more experimental subgenres and are venturing into after hours more than ever, breaking the taboo predispositions associated with it.  I used to think that after hours consisted of a bunch of people on waaaaaay too many drugs, swaying around like robots until the sun came up.  Granted, stuff always gets a little weird at after hours, so be prepared, but it's pretty fun if you go there with an open mind.  One of our writers headed to an after hours party post-FreakNight, and he had a blast.



So friends, what would this article be without my personal list of deep house artists old and new?  Boring, that's what.  Feel free to share your favorite deep/tech house artists with me; I'm always looking for new music. Be sure to check the tracks for free download links too! :)