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Deadmau5 Isn't Scared to Bring us Something Different

Monday, July 06, 2015
Janessa Demeule

Last year Joel Zimmerman aka, Deadmau5 dropped "Are You Not Afraid" with UK rap beast, Shotty Horroh. A short but sweet rap tune, it was raw and aggressively different from anything the Mau5 previously released. A year later "Are You Not Afraid" gets an update full of "blah". What does "blah" entail? Apparently a super chilled out bassline, a calm and steady one-two cymbal kick, some sick scratching, and channeling some serious Phase 1 Gorillaz. For all that Joel took away from the original, he made sure the minimalist retake was quick and extra dirty. The bass ambles along as Shotty Horroh's original lyrical smack down balances out the track with some spitfire. Keeping what made the original shine, "Are You Not Afraid blah" exemplifies the importance of creation, destruction, re-creation, in any artistic capacity. Especially in music. Joel's willingness to mess around and experiment is one of the many reasons he is so successful. With some kick-ass shows in his pocket, it should be interesting to see what he reveals to fans this summer. If we're lucky, maybe a mash-up with Left Shark.

Check out and compare the original here.

And the blah'ed up version here.

According to Joel, this groovy beat down only took "15 minutes of mucking around" on his bass. 15 minutes for 3 minutes of awesome?! Imagine what he could do with 20.