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All Day I Dream LA Sets Perfect Intentions for 2017

Monday, January 09, 2017
Dawn Runge

When a party is planned and executed correctly, all can seem right with the world. All Day I Dream's latest LA installation is a great example of that. People pay good money to relax and shed the stresses of daily life when they go to out, and ADID does very well providing an event that allows you to slip into a state of joyous abandon. Lee Burridge's team is always creating and evolving, improving each event with little lessons learned during their international soirees. This was my third ADID, each has been a little different and better than the last. It feels as if Burridge invites you into his own backyard when you get to ADID. [caption id="attachment_39272" align="aligncenter" width="720"]All Day I Dream New Year's Day revelers started coming in shortly after doors opened.[/caption] This edition was set at Gin Ling Way, a plaza in Chinatown. The performance space was integrated into the environment, allowing patrons to dine at restaurants and enter the adjacent shops during the event. There were several spots to enter and exit after checking in to allow exploration of the cultural area. Store owners took photos, and passing families had their toddlers dancing to the tunes that floated to the street. Another positive of this party was the sound. I'm no expert, but a complaint of frequent party-goers is offensive volume levels or scratchy sound systems. Not the case at ADID. The speakers were set up around the dance floor, ensuring that no matter where you were within the event syou were bathed in a proper level of music. [caption id="attachment_39273" align="aligncenter" width="700"]All Day I Dream Design is always on point at ADID.[/caption] Complementing the Asian elements built into the plaza, the stage/dance floor was built of bare wood with laser cut designs etched through. The lights were shades of blue, magenta and purple. The signature banners of cloth and lanterns were aquamarine, mint and purple. Tendrils of faux-flowers inhabited the space over the DJ booth. The bathroom lines were a little bit long, but people soon discovered other bathroom options, and the local stores were also welcoming. There was seating scattered through the plaza and also exits if one needed a bit of thinking room. ADID is also known for an eclectic but mature crowd with a dash of whimsy. All-black-clad technosexuals danced next to fur-clad burners who eyed the jewel-toned costumes of the most uninhibited. The various looks played well in the lighting effects. This crowd was here to dance their way into the New Year smiling. Besides the dreamy aesthetics, ADID's loyal following is also a response to the melodic, moving sounds of the label's artists. There were zero lulls on the dance floor. Hoj, Burridge, then Gorje Hewek and Izhevki, built on each other's sounds without discord. The continuity keep most attendees until the very last tracks. Harmony of that level is rare at most events. When Roman society first started celebrating the New Year on January 1st during Julias Caesar's rule, the day set the stage for the next twelve months. Friends and neighbors exchanged well-wishes and gifts. So to those who celebrated with us at ADID this New Year, I think we can all agree that our stage was set pretty damn well. Here's to 2017.

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