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Dani Deahl Wants You To Show Your Kitties At Webster Hall

Bringing her unique mix of of dance music, juke, and hip-hop to New York City, Dani Deahl makes her stop at Webster Hall as part of her 30-city "Show Me Your Kitties" tour. Joining RROID DRAZR and one Webster's many talented residents, Subset, Deahl is bringing her Chicago style to the Big Apple. Having released a massive new track in conjunction with the announcement of her SMYK tour, her set at Webster Hall on September 12, 2015 is already a highly anticipated event. Deahl is without a doubt on the forefront of the burgeoning movement combining feminism and dance music, a position she's earned through her tireless efforts bringing various issues affecting women in the dance music industry to light. She was invited to give a TEDx Talk on the subject, delving into her own past and experiences as a woman in dance music, and is never shy about bringing up the discrepancies in treatment between her and her predominantly male peers. The SMYK tour is somewhat of an embodiment of the rejection of the status quo of dance music, as Deahl and her team created this tour from scratch, booking her own shows, establishing their own ticketing system, and even setting up charitable donations to benefit one of Deahl's other passions, cats. Fans will have the option to donate to the Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary for lions, tigers, and other big cats, as they buy tickets to the tour. Combining activism and charity, feminism and dance music, Deahl's tour is one of the few that I truly feel has some meaning to it. Having faced challenges along the way and putting in a remarkable amount of hardwork, Deahl is sure to put on a one-of-a-kind set, especially since she's known for having the belief that DJ's should be breaking records, not playing out old favorites (a view I happen to share as well). Nothing is worse than hearing "Tell Me" two to three times in every set, all day (looking at you Mad Decent Block Party 2014). Deahl promises to bring a unique, high-energy set certain to make you bounce, all while playing music you didn't even know you liked yet. Always keeping busy, Deahl maintains a superb podcast, in addition to her tour schedule, promoting some of the best up and coming artists (which is where I originally first came to know of her work). Be sure to check out her latest single in anticipation of her SMYK tour above and be on the look out for our interview with her later this month. Grab your tickets to the event here and I hope to see you at the show!