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Croatia Squad is Waking Up The Neighbors!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

croatia-squad-face2Swiss sweetheart Croatia Squad has come out with his new EP - "Waking The Neighbors" and it comes with mixed feelings. Alejandro Torres's sound has become iconic over the years, but this release doesn't seem to do much in terms of breathing life back into his sound. You can make the call - Let's get into the music. Who doesn't love making money and hitting the vape? That's what this song's about. Well, that and disregarding residential noise ordinances. Here's "Waking Up The Neighbors:" "Waking Up The Neighbors" is a perfect example of Croatia Squad's signature sound. Catchy and playful bass lines coupled with intelligent percussion to make a majestic house music tapestry. However, much like tropical house, once you've heard enough of these tracks you kind of get the point. If you decide to spring for the EP, there's a special down-tempo version of the track that might turn some heads. The guiding light of the EP in my opinion, "Stay Fresh," does precisely what the song title implies - keeps it fresh. Claude Von Stroke and the Dirtybird crew would be proud of this one. Croatia Squad has foregone his bubbly disco-inspired sound, gone out on a limb, and did something different. Wild percussion, blazing hi-hats, and a bumping bass line provide the tech groove of this track, and it's just really well put together. Hopefully this one is a look into the future of CS's sound. This one might sound familiar if you're into a certain law enforcement officer from Beverly Hills in the 80's - "The Best." croatia-squad-partyNot directly sampling anything, but getting pretty damn close, "The Best" dangerously edges between homage and plagiarism. Although Wiz Khalifa takes the cake with his (in)famous use of DJ Alice's "Better Off Alone," Croatia Squad clearly had some outside influence on this track. Still, the bass patch he chose is a hard-hitter and the quality of production alone is sure to ignite a crowd. Altogether, "Waking The Neighbors" is a good EP with solid tracks. Versatile enough to play at any event and all around just good production, while lacking only a bit of imagination.

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