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Colleen D'Agostino Shines Bright With Her Debut Solo EP

Friday, March 27, 2015
Janessa Demeule

In 2013, deadmau5 dropped the poptart and introduced Colleen D'Agostino to the horde. Two years later their collaboration, "Seeya" went platinum on the Canadian charts, they performed at the Juno Awards, and amidst all the chaos,  Colleen D'Agostino released "Collide", her 6-track solo EP.  It's clear to listeners why Deadmau5 was so eager to make her the first female artist to sign to his mau5trap label. With some loving production help from deadmau5 and her label-mates, Eekkoo & Matt Lange, John Major, Ghostship, and Blake Harnage; Colleen has  released a refreshing, diverse, and enchanting EP that deserves all the hype it has received. Originally the lead vocalist for the LA-based rock group, The Material, D'Agostino has spent years honing her vocal chops to unleash them on unsuspecting listeners. "Stay" The first track on the EP is a radio edit of , "Stay" formerly "Drop The Poptart", her collaboration with deadmau5. By now, it is a familiar track, one that will draw in fans of deadmau5 and pique the interest of any newcomers. It continues to stand out as a phenomenal track. A true collision of talent and skill, with deadmau5's vibrant musicality intertwining with D'Agostino's electric vocals. Not much can be said about this track that hasn't already been said, and it's only the start.   "Where Did You Go" Produced by Eekkoo and Matt Lange starts off with an enticing groove that pushes some serious electronic rock vibes. The instrumental on it's own is worthy of high praise. But what takes its over the edge is the vocal performance. D'Agostino has the ability to transfer her emotions into her delivery.  You can feel her passion ooze out of the speakers as the track progresses. The raw tug of emotions that flow as she performs. It is an exhilarating track that is the whole package.   "Crossroad"  Produced by John Major, starts off with a nice, slow funky beat, akin to a heartbeat, which, happens to reflect the lyrical content of the song. There is a weight to the song that highlights how hard it can be to stand in the crossroads of life: Faced with difficult challenges, drawn between equally hard choices, one must be made. It is certainly a difficult concept to encapsulate, but she nails it. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album because it is such a hard emotion to convey in words, let alone song.  As the track finishes, you really are let with this impending sense that a choice must be made.   "Collide" Produced by Ghostship is the EPs titular track. Wrought with 80's synth-pop vibes, the track is the perfect midway track. Scintillating synth combined with D'Agostino's voice is a huge one-two punch of awesome. Her vocal work really invigorates the track and easily breaks up the pop with some powerful soul. Her range is really impressive here, taking things from slow to boisterous in little to no time.  "Collide" was certainly the most fun track on the album and one you'll find yourself returning to time and time again. "From Up Here" Produced by Blake Harnage is just a beautiful track from start to finish. Evoking the spirit of the galaxies that shine above us. This is my favorite new track off the album. It twinkles and shines with an ethereal luminance all it's own. With the high energy production and D'Agostino's bold performance, "From Up Here" rockets listeners into space and beyond. It is a catchy tune that leaves you wanting more. "Stay" (Drop the Poptart Edit) The final track has been floating around the internet in various forms for sometime and it is a real treat to hear it on this album. While the radio edit of "Stay" was a good start, deadmau5's (Drop the Poptart Edit) blows it out of the water. Get your tickets to goose bump city ready, this is sure to be the fan favorite track. Everything about this track is heavy and it is D'Agostino's ability to convey through song, the emotions of what deadmau5 laid down in the track, that really takes it to the next level. I'll let it speak for itself.   Throughout her EP, the driving force is always D'Agostino's voice. No matter what is happening in the track her vocal performance takes center stage. "Collide" makes it explicitly clear that she is a contender in any industry she chooses.  I am excited to hear what she does in years to come. What the world heard on "Seeya" was only the tip of the figurative ice burg, D'Agostino has propelled herself into the stars.