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CLØVE Brings The Sounds Of Seattle To Your Ears With New EP #Annexed

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Matthew Jager

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms. For some, it is a memory of old that brings new life to a project, for others it is a chance encounter that pushes them in a new direction, and for others, like CLØVE, it is the city around them. Pulling influence from Seattle and the sounds that inhabit her, CLØVE has created the beautiful 3 track EP #Annexed that resonates with the vibes of the city. Each track, named after a particular famous street in Seattle, (Fremont, Broadway, and 3rd & Pike) has a beautiful melodic downtempo feel that features not only some slick beats, but also sounds recorded directly from the city. It is an intriguing mix of both synthetic and recorded elements, and this hybrid approach really ties the album together both as beautiful music and a love letter to the city CLØVEand so many others call home.


My personal favorite, “Fremont” weaves together beautiful melodic instrumentals with down-tempo trap, drum & bass beats, chopped vocals, and some experimental undertones to create a masterpiece that is perfect summer chill music. The experimental tone captures some of the qualities of Fremont’s quirky and unique nature. Sunny days at Gas Works, summer beers and pizza at The Ballroom, and funky photos with the Troll under Aurora are channeled through this track’s style and sounds.


Broadway feels more somber and drawn out. In contrast to Fremont’s more light tones, Broadway captures the nights spent on it's eponymous street, watching cars drive by as the assorted characters of Capitol Hill make their way to the next bar or start their trek home. Darker synths, heavier drum focus, scattered melodic bells, and a sense of midnight add to this track's intriguing nature of nightlife.

3rd & Pike

Closing out the record, 3rd & Pike continues from the slower pacing of Broadway, but with the addition of reserved filtered vocals scattered in the background. With what sounds like Chinese Guzheng strings, grunge synths, and recorded sounds from the city; it  takes on a new life, one that connects the busy nature and diversity of the street in downtown Seattle. 3rd & Pike is full of beautiful experimental beats and chill vibes, perfect for a stroll downtown, and a perfect conclusion to the EP. Take a listen to #Annexed and let us know what you think in the comments below. I know we will be chilling out to these tunes all summer, maybe cruising with the windows down on Broadway or at Gas Works in Fremont. Find more from CLØVE via the links below and stay tuned for more from this talented rising producer.