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Choose Your Own Adventure: Lightning In a Bottle Festival Edition

The DoLab and all of their incredible partners have come together again for Lightning In a Bottle in Bradley, CA,  getting closer to creating more history for the festival that started in 1999 as a birthday party. The music is diverse-  from techno king Richie Hawtin, to post-dubstep Bassnectar, to live sensation Bonobo, to underground hot acts like Satori.   We've seen the line-up, but what sets LIB apart from some of its imitators is 1) its jaw-dropping artistic development and 2) the sheer amount of high-quality offerings outside the killer music. IF YOU ARE READY FOR SHENANIGANS... LIB artist soundtrack: Loaded Dice - Eric Sneo & Christian Smith Grand Artique brings a pop-up town called Frontiersville, with a gypsy store and encampment. Bartering is encouraged, so bring anything you think might get you a new (to-you) piece of… anything! Amori’s Casino & Burlesque encourages a taste of the wild side, including nightly sit-down dinners to accompany the activities named. The Lightning Inn offers interactive theater experiences, a mystery guided by playful “employees”.  The Sitcommune by Fungineers has a hip-hop puppet show.  The Jive Joint is in a New Orleans-styled house with jazzy and funky entertainment to match. IF YOU WANT TO DECOMPRESS OR TUNE INTERNALLY... LIB artist soundtrack: Trees - Kotelett & Zadak The Gong Sanctuary offers healing sounds from gongs, sound bowls, and chimes.  If you’d like to look into the stars a little deeper, the Black Rock Observatory is there to offer telescopic views.  The Meditation Lookout offers a bit of a hike away from the main grounds, with the Natures Nest offers an organic space to rest or ground.  Not to mention every kind of yoga under the sun. The DoLaB not only tolerates those on an individual journey, but encourages them, even penning an introvert’s guide to LIB. Did we mention that you are in the middle of nowhere, free to roam around the trees and lake as you like? IF YOU NEED PHYSICAL FUEL TO TOP UP FOR YOUR DAY/NIGHT... LIB artist soundtrack: Up All Night ( Eagles & Butterlies Remix) - Agoria The Tea Temple by Om Shan Tea offers a place of rest in the Compass area, and the rejuvenation of a fragrant tea. Highlove Vitality Elixir Lounge pairs hot and cold beverages with various types of entertainment throughout the festival.  There are also sit-down brunches and dinners every day if your dancing has you famished. From the LIB website: “LIB features some of the best local food vendors from the West Coast, including a wide variety of vegetarian, raw, organic, and non-GMO options as well as heartier fare. No gluttonous festival food here…LIB is a health foodies paradise! Beer, wine, and spirits will be available for sale throughout the festival grounds. You must be 21 years or older to drink alcohol, and anyone without an ID will not be served. Bring your IDs out!” IF YOU WANT TO GET LOST IN VISUAL ART... LIB artist soundtrack: Luc Angenehm - Sendher (KMLN Remix) The MOVA Gallery collaborates with 360Dome.Pro for seamless 4k resolution for a full dome immersive experience.  The White Library is a new installment this year, allowing participants to leave a piece of their wisdom for others to see. Lightning in A Paintcan has various artists live painting, both smaller works and large-scale murals. Every night the LIP Artwalk goes from 7 to 10 p.m. for you to snatch up a favorite piece. Art installations are a strong part of LIB. There are smaller interactive and bigger sculptural and architectural pieces throughout that will keep the eyes feasting no matter where you wander. In fact, the DoLaB is debuting 12 updated structures this year that are architectural beauties within themselves. IF YOU LIKE SOME EXTRA ACTION... LIB artist soundtrack: Lauren Lane - Mantra 304 You can participate in a soap box derby or a 5k- with your wildest costume.  If you’re less athletically inclined, you can play skeeball, do karaoke or watch fire performers.  Yoga offerings aren’t limited to those for decompression- there are energizing classes like deep house yoga, party yoga, belly dance and ecstatic dance.  Speaking of dances, you can hit an 80s prom dance as well, so get your poofy dresses ready. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NEW... LIB artist soundtrack: Changes (Adam Port Remix) - Adam Port & Stereo MC's   You can get a festival make-over at the Do-Over! Beauty Salon and Barbershop, or try late-night speed dating in the Learning Kitchen from midnight to 3 a.m. – we’d love to see those outcomes! The Marketplace offers over 90 vendors for every whimsical and magical thing you can imagine. The Points of the Compass contains several sub-areas focused on learning and growing, bringing an environment outside the usual music festival. The classes are incredible in range. Some of the classes we are looking forward to: “How to Face the Mess We’re In Without Going Crazy”, “Earth and Aura Meditation with Queen Mystic Liz”, “Introduction to Magick”, “Intro to Tea Tasting”, “Hands on Origin of Fire”, and many more.  Whether your interest is food, activism, new cultures, social standings or more- the Compass has everything. New this year is a lake and featured lakeside attractions- you can swim, view aquatic art, and of course bring your own inflatables to take full advantage. IF THE WHOLE FAMILY IS IN TOW: LIB artist soundtrack: Guy J - Brothers Vibe (Original Mix) Get out your techno baby earmuffs, because the young’uns (or old’uns!) are welcome at LIB. The diverse programming offers plenty for any age. There is a family campground area, and tons of quiet spots to move around to or water to splash in if little Aurora is a bit pooped from Daddy’s dancing. There is even an LIB Family Facebook group to share ideas and arrange meet-ups.  Do remember to register ASAP on the website as a family, however, for family camping. Children under 5 are free; Children 6-12 are $50, and 13-16 $135 = both CASH ONLY at the onsite box office. Anyone over 17 pays regular price. Now you and your little one can both wear your bear onesies in public! There are offerings for younger children, teens, and parents. There is even a Saturday night slumber party. Just remember that someone must be responsible for a minor at all times. FESTIVAL REMINDERS:
  • The desert is hot in the day and cold at night- bring appropriate protection for both!
  • Bring a wagon etc. because you won’t want to lug your things to/from your vehicle.
  • Bring a floatie for the lake
  • NO GLASS- get your champagne in cans, good people.
  • Bring extra cash for showers, alcohol, food, and other purchases
  • Prepare to not have cell service- get all your business calls out of the way before the weekend so you’re not that guy standing on the hill.

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