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So You've Never Been To A Silent Disco Before [Soundcloud playlist]

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Erik Skoog

Because showering us with incredible DJs throughout Labor Day weekend isn't enough, USC Events is bringing a silent disco to Bumbershoot for the first time ever. The event will be held at EMP's Sky Church, every night of the festival from 6:30 to midnight. Now it's possible you're asking, "what the hell is a silent disco?" And that's a totally valid question, so take three minutes to watch this very informative video on the subject. The shortened version is this:
  1. Upon entry, you'll be given a pair of high-end, over the ear, wireless Sennheiser headphones (and yes, they'll have been cleaned).
  2. DJs will be broadcasting over one of two frequencies which you can adjust using your headset. Pick one just like you would a radio station.
  3. Rock out.
Pretty simple. Besides USC gifting us with three incredible silent headliners throughout the weekend, it's also seriously stacked with local talent. If you don't know at least one of these artists personally, you've most definitely seen them perform at a show in the city. To get yourself further acquainted, check out our hand-picked playlist on SoundCloud, featuring everything from the mixtapes of Pinky Promise to the live sets of Mikey Mars to the original tracks of CartographeR. There's something for everyone and a lot of free downloads in there. Five Extra Benefits to a Silent Disco:
  1. You never have to leave your friends. No more of this "Hey man, meet me at the back left side of the mainstage past that middle pillar, but underneath that thing that looks like a firework. Where are you? No dude, I said the left side!" stuff.
  2. No earplugs required. Your future self can thank you.
  3. If you're seeing someone look like they're having a really great time, switch over to the station they're on and join the party.
  4. Perfect sound no matter where you are in relation to the stage.
  5.  Tired? Don't feel like dancing? Just turn the event into a spectator sport. Hundreds of people dancing, singing, jumping, and screaming to three completely different styles of music. It's organized chaos. How could you not?
This is a must see event at Bumbershoot. The EMP Sky Church is no virgin to killer dance shows, having previously been visited by Deadmau5 (very recently), Bassnectar (sort of recently), and Kaskade all the way back in 2004 (chances are you had no idea, no matter how hip your are). Until then, explore our playlist with a good pair of headphones (or I guess Beats are fine if you can't find anything else) and get used to dancing in public. (maybe turn the volume off to watch this one to get the full effect)